Public Policy Team

The SanDiego350 Public Policy Team (PPT) coordinates efforts to affect policy and legislation as it relates to climate change issues with an emphasis on environmental justice. We research and analyze policy issues, create talking points, attend City and County level meetings and meet with and educate elected officials at the local and state level. We also follow the progress with Climate Action Plans in the region and collaborate with allies, for example: Environmental Health Coalition, Sierra Club, Climate Action Campaign and Californians Against Fracking, to name a few, in order to engage those people most impacted by climate change.

The PPT has several active subcommittees:

  • Climate Action Plans/Community Choice Energy — This subcommittee monitors the Climate Action Plans and advocates for the implementation of Community Choice energy in the region.  We believe that Community Choice Energy, in addition to introducing competition into the energy market, is the only way to achieve 100% clean energy.
  • Transportation — Transportation is responsible for over 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in San Diego County. The Transportation subcommittee works in coalition with other local environmental groups to advocate for a better, cleaner transportation system. We support options that provide equal or better mobility than our current options, and aim to achieve 100% clean transit in the San Diego area.
  • State Legislation — This subcommittee monitors and advocates for climate legislation at the state level. We analyze climate bills, conduct trainings and meet with State legislators to urge their support or opposition to bills.
  • Coordinating Relationships with Elected Officials — This subcommittee coordinates our meetings, topics of discussion, and develops ongoing relationships with elected officials in the region.
  • Education and Building the Team — This subcommittee coordinates and supports the recruitment, education, and development of team members. We host periodic ‘Climate Chats’ on topics of interest and we provide ongoing training for the Public Policy Team.
  • Endorsement Subcommittee — This group reviews SD350’s sign-ons to letters and campaigns.