Pledge to make 15 calls per month

With the growing interest in climate solutions and climate justice and in the interest of scaling up the climate movement to become a significant political force  it is increasingly important for us to reach out and connect with new members.

In our experience, phone calls are the most effective way to engage new members.

Will you help us reach new members by pledging to make 15 calls per month?

A phone call shows new members that we care about them getting involved. It allows a new member to connect with a real person and ask questions. And, it allows us to learn about new members’ interests and availability.

These calls are warm, friendly, and welcomed calls. Tim, an SD350 volunteer, says: “All the people we call signed up either at an event or on the website, so when you get a person on the other end of the line, they’re almost always really nice and happy to hear from you.”

As a volunteer organization, it’s up to each of us to do this important work. We’re asking everyone to pledge to make a small number of calls each month  it takes about an hour to make 15 calls.

You’ll be taking an easy action from your home. You’ll get instructions and a sample script and call people who are interested in climate action and are waiting for us to let them know about ways they can get involved – and invite them to upcoming events.

Sign up here to make 15 phone calls per month, and help us build relationships with new climate activists. 

Our goal is to have 50 people signed up to make 15 calls, so that we are able to reach 750 people each month!!!