Fundraising team meeting

08/18/2019 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Masada's house
9318 Carmichael Drive
La Mesa, California
Masada @ SanDiego350

Join SanDiego350's new Fundraising Team and help us raise money. We'll talk about what we're already doing, how we can improve our efforts, and develop some next steps. 

We need help with a wide range of fun and rewarding activities, so no matter your skills or interests, there’s a role for you in the Fundraising Team. And never fear – while the goal of the Fundraising Team is to raise money, there are plenty of roles that don't involve asking for money. These include planning parties, researching and applying for grants, talking to people about why you love SD350, social media, thanking donors for contributions, and developing creative materials. Read more

Fundraising allows SD350 to achieve our mission of building a grassroots climate movement. We use these funds to pay our wonderful staff, buy art supplies, support volunteer and youth leadership, and organize marches and rallies. We need more donors and support to continue growing. 

If you're interested but you can't make it to this meeting, please email Masada.