March for Real Climate Leadership

02/07/2015 @ 12:00 am – 02/08/2015 @ 12:00 am

Join SanDiego350 members and Californians from across the state as we gather in Oakland — Governor Brown’s hometown — to say that we need real climate leadership in the face of the drought.

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Across the state wells are drying up, more than a dozen cities are in real danger of running out of water, and there’s no question it’s being made worse by climate change.

But instead of reining in the oil and gas industry and putting an end to incredibly dangerous and water-intensive practices like fracking, Governor Brown has been letting companies continue with business as usual.

We will ask that Governor Brown to put an end to fracking and other forms of extreme extraction in order to solidify his legacy as a climate leader. Furthermore, we are specifically asking him to place a moratorium on fracking and extreme extraction until California’s drought is over. We don’t have a drop to waste!

Join people from all corners of California this February in telling Governor Brown that if he won’t be a real climate leader, that if he won’t stand up to the fossil fuel industry, then we will. Because this is about our water, our health, and our California.

WHAT: The March for Real Climate Leadership: Our Water, Our Health, Our California

WHEN: Saturday, February 7, 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th Street & Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 [Map]

HOW: Buses will depart from two locations: at midnight on Friday night, Feb 6 (technically 12:00 am Feb. 7th) first pickup will be at the Old Town Trolley Station under the I-5, second pickup at 12:30 am at the La Costa Park and Ride at I-5 La Costa exit. Buses will return to the same locations some time very late Saturday night (after midnight, technically Sunday morning).

COST: $30 (this is a subsidized rate) with some scholarships available for folks who want to come but can’t pay that much (contact Peg, below, for details). The full cost based on bus rental rate is $56 so if you can afford to pay more, or if you can’t join us but want to help others participate, please make a donation. We thank you in advance!

WEAR: Please dress in blue (to symbolize our precious water) with yellow highlights/accessories (for symbolizing the sun and it’s promise of solar power)

The march will begin to assemble at 11:30 am at the above address so if you are going on your own please plan to arrive with plenty of time to find parking and/or make your way to the assembly location. Around noon there will be a short invocation by a group of our Indigenous People Leaders, followed by a short welcome speech. At approximately 12:15 we will begin marching a route through downtown Oakland of approximately 1.8 miles which will wind its way around Lake Merritt to end at the Lake Merritt amphitheater where the rally will be held. Once we have arrived there we will hear from prominent speakers and be entertained with live music. The march will be accompanied by phenomenal artwork, including a floating flotilla of kayaks nearby on the lake, three 70 foot banners and 4 parachutes, and our own Artful Activist San Diego’s flying displays along with our Overpass Light Brigade! San Diego will definitely have a presence at this event. To find our contingent, look for the “San Diegans Against Fracking” banner being held above the crowd.

After the rally ends at approximately 3:00 pm there will be a “convergence” meeting open to the public at Laney College across the street from the endpoint of the march. This meeting will feature a panel of speakers from New York talking about how they achieved their recent statewide ban on fracking with a discussion of how California is different from New York. Following the panel discussion we will break into regional groups to discuss ideas for a statewide strategy for 2015. If you are going on your own please plan to attend the entire event which will include Pizza and end at 6 pm. If time allows and bus ticket holders wish to stay for the panel discussion we will consider departing after between 4-4:30 pm Saturday to return home. Information gathered from participants will be used to finalize the statewide coalition strategy in an all day meeting (by invitation only) on Sunday.

The March for Real Climate Leadership is part of the Californians Against Fracking coalition event with, other California 350 groups, Food & Water Watch, Center for Biological Diversity and other organizations from across the state.

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Want to help us organize this trip? Contact Peg.

About Masada

Masada Disenhouse co-founded SanDiego350 in 2011 and serves as its Executive Director. She is passionate about engaging volunteers and growing a powerful climate change movement.


  1. The marchers in Selma, AL, protesting for their right to vote, faced incredible odds, but with sheer determination, commitment, and endurance, they never gave up and together they created change. They are an inspiration to all activists. Read:
    SOUL OF A NATION: A HISTORICAL NOVEL. It shines a beacon on what people can achieve when they’re committed to the cause. Climate change is a very worthy cause; it ultimately affects us all and the survival of our planet.

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