Campaigns and Projects

We are an all-volunteer San Diego County organization concerned about climate change. Come to a meeting or contact us via email to volunteer on a project.

  1. Advocating for the Development of Community Choice Energy in San Diego
  2. Defending California’s Clean Energy Future – by Opposing Regionalization (AB 813 & AB 726)
  3. Advocating for strong Climate Action Plans (CAPs)
  4. Community Outreach and Education
  5. Fighting the Keystone Pipeline
  6. Building support for a fracking ban in California

1. Community Choice Energy in San Diego

With Community Choice Energy Families, Businesses and the Environment Win.

Community Choice Energy gives San Diego residents a clean energy choice. Right now, our only option is SDG&E, which has the highest electricity rates in California. Competition is good for customers and the community.

The CCE model is tried and true and CCE programs have been implemented all over California and are providing cleaner energy at lower cost. San Diego can not afford to get left behind in the clean energy movement and the only way to ensure that we can get to 100% renewable in San Diego is through community choice.

As a CUSTOMER: Almost nothing changes in the way that you are billed and receive service. You’ll be enrolled automatically in the CCE, and have the option to choose whether you want to return to SDG&E. The city takes over energy purchases to ensure you are getting the best deal on cleaner energy while SDG&E still handles your maintenance and operations, and continues to provide your billing and service without a hitch.

Our local ENVIRONMENT would reap significant benefits from CCE. Studies suggest that a San Diego CCE would reduce City carbon emissions by an estimated 2.8 billion pounds—equal to planting about 33 million trees or taking 268,812 cars off the road—in one year alone. By year 10, the CCE would remove 29 billion pounds of carbon, equal to planting nearly 346 million trees or removing 2.8 million cars from the roads.

Small businesses love Community Choice Energy because choice in purchasing is crucial to small business success. Pricing and sourcing are integral factors as we purchase any commodity, and energy should be no different. This is how we ensure our businesses are moving our communities in the right direction, by supporting innovation, and staying lean on costs. The money saved in energy costs can go toward growth, employing more San Diegans, and investing in community projects to improve quality of life.

A CCE would also prioritize local power generation, local jobs, local career opportunities in the procurement process of energy generation. The CCE would prioritize local renewable projects over other projects. Additionally a focus would be placed on creating partnership with local labor – including community benefit agreements, sustainable workforce agreements, job training, and apprenticeship programs.

A wide range of community groups, environmental organizations, elected officials and local businesses have voiced their support for choice and CCE in San Diego. The San Diego Community Choice Alliance (SDCCA) was formed to represent this diverse group to make sure a CCE that benefits the community is established in San Diego. To learn more about the SDCCA click here.

For even more information on how a CCE can benefit San Diego families, local business and the environment check out the the articles below:

Contact to get involved.

2. Advocating for strong Climate Action Plans (CAPs)

A Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a detailed plan that is adopted by a public or private entity that establishes a road map of specific actions that agency will take to meet specific greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.  In 2015 the City of San Diego adopted one of the most ambitious and forward thinking Climate Action Plans that created legally binding goals of generating 100% of its electricity with renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2035. The County of San Diego and other cities in the region have established or are in the process of creating their own Climate Action Plans.

At SanDiego350 we are working to ensureq that the City of San Diego and other cities adhere to their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve and promote public and alternative modes of  transportation and transition to renewable energy. With agencies that are in the process of updating or creating their CAPs we are engaged in the process of ensuring those plans reflect the reduction goals that the scientific community and the State of California have laid out to address climate change. We also advocate that environmental justice goals and stipulations by included as part of CAP adoption and implementation.

Contact to get involved.

3. Community Outreach and Education

One of our key goals is to reach out to and educate San Diegans about the science, impacts and solutions of climate change. Our efforts to date include:

  • Tabling – staffing booths at fairs, festivals, farmers markets, you name it.
  • Community presentations – giving presentations at libraries, churches, neighborhood clubs, political clubs and more. Email us to request a presentation.
  • Climate chats – educational events on a variety of climate topics that foster discussion and networking.

4. Fighting the Keystone Pipeline

SanDiego350 has held several large rallies in partnership with other local groups and is organizing people to commit civil disobedience if it looks like the President will approve the pipeline. See Photos and Video page for footage of past events. Email us to get involved.

5. Building support for a ban on fracking in California

SanDiego350 has organized several educational events around fracking and works with a state-wide grassroots organization to support a ban on fracking in California. See our fracking page for more info.