Coalition Team

The Coalition Team builds and sustains relationships between SD350 and local environmental, labor, health, social justice, and other organizations in order to build the climate movement and mobilize people for events and marches.

What we’re working on
  • Transferring information on key partner organizations into the database so it is available to all teams
  • Strengthening our relationships with social justice and community organizations
  • Tracking the various coalitions SD350 belongs to and recording new relationships that are being created within those coalitions 
How to get involved – what volunteers do 
  • Attend a monthly meeting 
  • Manage contacts and keep them updated 
  • Maintain and deepen organizational relationships with groups such as labor, environmental, or social justice organizations
  • Manage relationships within a geographical area, such as North County
  • Connect with and mobilize partner organizations when planning a major action (e.g., the Virtual Climate Uprising on Earthday) 
Team Accomplishments

We recruited and partnered with over 40 organizations on the Virtual Climate Uprising event held in April. We also partnered with over 50 organizations for the September 2019 Global Student Climate Walkout.

Fun Fact 

Prior to Covid, team members often attended events held by partner organizations.

How to Get Involved 

The Coalition Team usually meets the third Friday of the month from  6:00pm – 7:00pm. All are welcome to join us. Contact Bill Wellhouse for more information.

Below: Justice Can’t Wait rally in Nov 2016. SanDiego350 was a key partner and responsible for organizing the environmental contingent which included Environmental Health Coalition members, Native American leaders and other partners. (Photo by Kathe Reisgies)