SD350 is building a Communications & Media Team. We need you!

If you have PR or communications experience – or if you’d like to learn –  contact us about volunteering with our communications team.

What the team will do:

  • Develop consistent messaging for SanDiego350 and reach more people with our messages.
  • Create powerful social media posts, emails, news releases, website content, and videos.
  • Develop and manage relationships with local news media.
  • Train SD350 volunteers and teams on these skills.

Why it’s important:

  • We want more people to understand the urgency and scale of the climate crisis and how they can take action toward solutions.
  • News media need help covering the crisis and local climate actions in a meaningful way.
  • Helps us achieve climate solutions / better climate policies

How to join: Send us an email telling us you’re interested in the Communications team. We’ll be in touch and send more info! 

Thank you!