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2014-07-24 Anti-fracking film ("Backyard") and planning meeting

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Join us for an exciting evening to hear about what's happening with fracking in California, and around the country.

We'll start with a screening of the film, "Backyard", a short 28 minute documentary that chronicles the impact of fracking on five people's lives in Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Dakota and Montana.  You can view the trailer here:

Calvin Tillman

Next, we'll have comments and discussion with Calvin Tillman, the former mayor of Dish, Texas featured in the Gasland movies. Short bio of Mr. Tillman below.

Finally, we will have a brief update on actions underway in San Diego and California, and discuss future actions and strategy for keeping the focus on halting this horrific practice.

This event is free of charge.  San Diegans Against Fracking t-shirts will be available with a $15 donation at this event.

WHERE: The Community Room at La Jolla Village Square, 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, San Diego CA 92038.  In the lower level of the mall next to the AMC Movie Theater.

Refreshments will be served. Co-hosted with our allies, Food and Water Watch.

Please RSVP now as space is limited. Thank you. 


Calvin Tillman Bio

Calvin Tilman is the former mayor of the small town of DISH, Texas. Elected as mayor of DISH in May of 2007, he served two terms as mayor, after serving one two year term as town commissioner of DISH. Due to DISH being the crossroads of many natural gas pipelines, he was active in pursuing state legislation regarding the routing of natural gas pipelines as well as the powers that the pipeline companies have been given. A resolution was passed by the town of DISH regarding this subject and was passed by forty other towns with well over a million people represented.

Tilman originally was a supporter of "responsible drilling" when the industry came to his town, a town where he built his "dream home". However, due to the impact of fracking and the significant impact to the town of Dish, his children experienced health problems and his property rights were trampled. As he describes, "My dream was taken from me". He has traveled extensively around the country to all areas where fracking occurs, documenting the impacts to families and speaking on organizing to combat these impacts. As he says, "I travel on my own expense to help communities get in front of this to ban it before it happens. I've seen communities destroyed and lives lost. if you don't get involved and stay involved, the same thing that happened to us will happen to you. You can become DISH, TX, Pavillion, WY, or Dimock, PA, and will if you don't get involved."

A veteran of the United States Air Force, he has degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and Concordia University of Texas, as well as being a licensed aircraft mechanic and pilot. He is married to his wife Tiffiney for fourteen years and has two sons, ages six and eight, and a daughter that is 20 months. Due to concerns for the health of his children the Tillman family moved from DISH in March of 2011, and therefore, Calvin did not seek reelection as mayor. Tillman was featured in the award winning, Oscar nominated documentary Gasland and Gasland Part 2; and also Detroit PBS documentary Beyond the Light Switch.

July 24th, 2014 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier, 1000 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92103
United States
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