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Coastal Sunset Soirée: Fundraiser for SanDiego350

 Registration is closed for this event
Take an afternoon to gather with other climate advocates to celebrate SanDiego350’s achievements in good company, and know your contribution supports our bright future.
The event will be held in a beautiful home in La Jolla overlooking the ocean. There’ll be beer, wine and appetizers (vegetarian and vegan), entertainment from amazing local musicians, a tour of climate art by local students and a fun party game or two. This will be a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with other SD350 members. The event is open house style, so stay for the whole event, or just an hour or two.

Your Donation Will be Matched

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to the Left Coast Fund, up to $20,000 total. Help us make sure to reach that goal! 
Please help make SanDiego350’s fundraiser a success, and boost our efforts to educate, mobilize and amplify the voices of San Diegans to solve the climate crisis. From mobilizing thousands of San Diegans for climate marches to building coalition with faith and labor groups to educating thousands of students to leading grassroots advocacy for a rapid and just transition from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy, SanDiego350 has shown that San Diegans care and are ready to act.
Purchase your ticket now or donate to support SanDiego350!

Ticket information:
  • Tickets are $100 per person or $180 for couples
  • Monthly donors are super appreciated! Become a monthly donor ($20+ per month) today and receive a ticket to the fundraiser.
  • Existing monthly donors may bring a complimentary guest with the purchase of a ticket.  
  • Additional donations are extremely appreciated
Sponsorships to support SanDiego350's Coastal Sunset Soirée are very appreciated!
Sponsorships are also matched dollar for dollar, and include at least two tickets to the Soirée.

At a private home in La Jolla. Address provided upon RSVP. Contact Masada with any questions. 
Photos from last year's fundraiser
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June 16th, 2018 4:00 PM through  8:00 PM
Private Home
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States
Event Fee(s)
Coastal Sunset Soirée Fundraiser tickets
Ticket - individual $ 100.00
Tickets - couple $ 180.00
Ticket- Monthly donor $ 100.00
Second person in couple $ 0.00
Ticket - Become a monthly sustaining donor at $20+ $ 0.00
I can't come but will donate (below) $ 0.00
Non-ticket donation
Climate Angel $ 2,500.00
Climate Champion $ 1,000.00
Climate Warrior $ 500.00
Climate Hero $ 250.00
Climate Friend $ 100.00
Climate Supporter $ 50.00
I will become a monthly donor or donate a custom amount $ 0.00