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San Diego Unified School Board Passes Resolution in Support of Ending

Oil Extraction in California

Action applauded by local Youth v. Oil climate activists who requested it


San Diego, CA  — Tonight, Tuesday Jan 26, San Diego Unified School Board voted unanimously to pass a resolution calling on Governor Newsom to protect the health and futures of young Californians by immediately ending new permits for oil drilling in the state and creating a plan to phase out existing drilling. The resolution was proposed by local high school students with the group “Youth V. Oil”, a part of the nonprofit climate action organization SanDiego350 (photos of students meeting with SDUSD board members and speaking at the meeting).


Prior to tonight’s vote, student activists with the Youth v. Oil campaign met with several of the board members individually, drafted the resolution, and developed a presentation to persuade the board to support it. They also turned out to testify at the school board meeting tonight. 


“We started this campaign because the Governor has failed to address the devastating health effects oil drilling has on vulnerable communities who live near drilling sites in California, as well as the disastrous impacts climate change is having on young people’s lives and our futures,” said Elisa Delle Monache, an 11th grader at University City High School. 


Though Governor Newsom has positioned himself as a climate champion, California has continued to issue an increasing number of oil permits, putting the health and safety of his constituents further at risk. The district’s resolution amplifies the voices of these young San Diegans by calling on Newsom to act in line with his stated beliefs and end oil extraction in California once and for all.


“I just don’t get why Governor Newsom is permitting more and more oil drilling permits,” said Natalia Armenta, an 11th grader at High Tech Media Arts High School. “Doesn’t he understand families are suffering now and that he’s threatening the future of my entire generation?”


Not only is the passage of this resolution a signal to Newsom, but it is also a commitment from the district itself that it will take its own steps toward a sustainable future. These steps include recognizing the importance of climate justice and transitioning to renewable energy sources as urgently as possible.


Following the vote, youth activist Keala Minna-Choe, a ninth grade student at Canyon Crest Academy who met with three of the board members, expressed her appreciation for the board’s decision: “The board passing our resolution is a powerful demonstration of youth advocacy and how we can be effective when we work to make our world a cleaner, healthier place.”


Kate Vedder, a 12th grader at Point Loma High School who leads Youth v. Oil campaign and is a fellow with SanDiego350 said “I am extremely grateful that SDUSD passed our resolution which urges Governor Newsom to stop issuing new oil drilling permits! We cannot stop climate change without tackling the issue of fracking and oil extraction.”





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