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San Diegans mobilize for global Break Free from Fossil Fuels action in Los Angeles

Will join thousands in march through downtown L.A. to demand an end to reliance on fossil fuels and a just transition to renewable energy as part of global actions

San Diego, CA On the heels of the disastrous Aliso Canyon gas leak, ongoing drilling in South Los Angeles neighborhoods and record-breaking temperatures for the 11th consecutive month, hundreds of San Diegans are preparing to travel to Los Angeles May 14th to rally with thousands of people from all over California to call for an end to fossil fuel extraction.  They will march from City Hall in downtown L.A. to demand elected leaders eliminate the oil and gas extraction practices that threaten the state’s health, environment, and future.  

With the growing awareness that the fossil fuel industry, in particular Exxon, has wilfully misled the public for decades about the link between burning fossil fuels and climate change and with the impacts of climate change already hitting communities around the world, people are outraged and are uniting to stand up for their interests. They see this rally as a chance to show that our health, our communities, environmental justice, and our climate are more important than the profits of a deceitful industry. By mobilizing to break free from fossil fuels, they are turning their backs on dirty energy and helping to make 2016 a turning point for the planet.

Encinitas resident Christy Bulskov, who is riding the bus to L.A. with her children Noah, 14 and Evelyn, 10 said “Climate Change is a huge concern for me as a mother, environmental activist and conservationist. I understand that as a citizen I need to keep the pressure on my elected officials so that we can transition to renewable energy as quickly as possible.  By participating in the L.A. rally we are doing our part to ensure a future that is healthy and sustainable for all kids and for generations to come.”.

San Diegans are proud that the City of San Diego recently adopted a ground-breaking, legally enforceable Climate Action Plan that achieves 100% clean energy by 2035, something they’d like to see replicated throughout the state. But they recognize that they will need to hold elected officials accountable for implementing measures to actually achieve the Plan’s goals in energy generation, energy efficiency, and transportation and that the corollary to a new era of 100% clean energy is the demise of fossil fuel extraction.

April 2016, Anti-coal activists participate in a Break Free from Fossil Fuels march in Batangas, Philippines. 

Joyce Lane who co-leads the Public Policy team for SanDiego350, the local grassroots climate action organization organizing buses to L.A., said “We’re mobilizing people to go to Los Angeles because it’s crucial that we reduce our carbon emissions, but also crucial that we do it in a way that promotes environmental justice - this is an opportunity to remove environmental burdens, secure local jobs, and create healthier communities.

April 2016 Oceanside Art Build- making props and signs for the rally

Two preparatory events precede the rally, with San Diegans making signs and props for the rally-goers to take with them. The first was in Oceanside on Sunday and the second is scheduled for May 7th in La Mesa.  Participants will travel to L.A. mostly by buses chartered by SanDiego350 but also by train. Many groups will be represented at the rally, including the social justice group STAND L.A., Food and Water Watch, the Sierra Club, several local groups affiliated with, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Center for Biological Diversity.  

If California wants to uphold its legacy as a global climate leader, then we must keep oil and gas in the ground and transition rapidly to a 100% clean energy economy.  San Diegans can RSVP or reserve  bus tickets to the rally at Break Free from Fossil Fuels – Los Angeles.

SanDiego350, a volunteer-led, non-profit organization, is concerned about climate change and its very real effects on our livelihoods, well-being, and the future for our children. We work to increase awareness of climate change and advocate for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are affiliated with, the international climate organization, whose work inspires us.
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