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We appreciate your time and participation in the SanDiego350 Microtransit Workshop on Sat., Mar 4. 


Please see our blog post, by Sanjiv Nanda, here:


And view our video slideshow, by John Niles, here:


If you would like access to any of the panelists' slides, please reply to this email and we will share them with you.


We would love for you to join SanDiego350 in our mission of building a mass movement to stop the worst impacts of the climate crisis.


The SanDiego350 Transportation Team meets monthly on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 8 pm. We invite you to join the next meeting on Tue, April 11. Please reply to this email to join the team and receive a Zoom link.


The Urban Collaborative Project Community Infrastructure and Transportation Meeting is the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm over Zoom (Meeting ID: 817 2096 5460). Please contact Barry Pollard,, for more information.




If you can, please provide feedback on next steps that we should take to progress microtransit in our region. 


1. What content or structure would have made the microtransit workshop better?


2. What questions or suggestions do you have for the organizers that come from what you heard and saw at the event?


3. If microtransit van rides to destinations within five miles of where you live were available at your request, whenever you want and for the price of bus fare, would you take advantage of them? If yes, for what type of destinations would you use the vans? If you are not interested in this kind of service, why not?


Thanks so much,

Peter Sloan

Campaign Coordinator


on behalf of


Rita Clement

Transportation Team Co-Chair


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