Email Group Guidelines & Google Group Tips

The SanDiego350 email group is open to everyone who supports our mission to share updates and activities. Welcome!  The SD350 Google Group is a closed (not public) group. To request to be added to the group please contact

The SanDiego350 Google Group email list is a valuable resource for effectively and conveniently messaging a large number of our more active members.  The google group is not meant to be a discussion group or a place to share emails on unrelated topics for which SD350 does not actively work on or take positions on as a group. To remain effective it must be used conservatively and with respect for the membership.  People are already faced with flooded inboxes.  When too many SanDiego350 emails are sent, people unsubscribe from our list and we lose an effective way to reach people.  When sending a group email, ask yourself whether this something that would be important to the most of the SanDiego350 membership.

Presently, the email list is open, meaning that anyone can post without moderation.  We would like to keep it open, and have developed the guidelines below.  If a member is found to frequently violate these guidelines s/he will be moderated.  This means that her/his emails will be reviewed for appropriateness before being published to the wider group.  If this does not alter behavior in alignment with the guidelines, becoming a burden to the moderators, the member will be removed from the Google group email list.

Email-List Guidelines

  1. Post only about activities, events and topics related to SanDiego350 initiatives.
  2. No personal attacks on other members; respect the opinions of all members.
  3. Emails should be short and to the point, minimizing opinion or speculation.
    • Ensure that you are not reposting a topic or item that has already been posted
    • If you are asking membership to do something, be clear and brief about the action and timeframe
    • If sending a link, also provide a short summary about the relevance
  4. Requests to sign petitions should only be posted by team leaders or Steering Committee  Members after internal consultation. (Individual members should not post petitions.)
  5. Use a descriptive subject line which describes what’s in the email (follow existing subject “threads” as appropriate). For emails where an action is required add “action required” or “comments needed”, etc. This may include correcting meeting notes, help needed with a project, writing a letter etc.
  6. Respect members’ time and inboxes by:
    • Minimizing the number of emails you send to only 1 or 2 per week, unless you are in a leadership position and are sending out event and organizing emails.
    • Consolidating multiple news posts into one email to stay within the limit.
    • Responding privately to an email using “reply” rather than “reply all” for “thank you” or “good job”, unless your response is relevant to the entire group
    • Reading all the emails on a topic to get your thoughts together in one response rather than sending multiple separate emails on the same topic.
  7. If you are part of a smaller group working on a particular project, e.g., Earth Fair, email other members of that group directly when discussing your project rather than using the Google Group. It’s easy to create a separate Google group email list. All teams and committees should have their own email lists.

Tips / Help for using Google Groups

  1. When you hit reply your email will go only to the person who sent it. To respond to the entire group use reply all and then delete the original author (as they are part of the group).
  2. You can view group emails via the google group website. Our address for this is!forum/SanDiego350. This is an alternative to reading them in your email application (e.g., outlook, gmail, etc).
  3. If you feel you are getting too many emails, you can change your settings to either
    • get an email digest (one email with all the emails during the day on the group) or
    • read online (you don’t get any emails in your mailbox but can go read online when you like). Here’s how to do this: go to the group online (see #2), click on the “My membership” button directly to the right of SanDiego350.
  4. If your google account uses a different email address than the email address you signed up for the group with you may have to make some changes to make them work together. For example, if I have an .msn email address I use to get the emails but a .gmail address I use to log into google. If you, for example, are able to get the emails in your outlook and post to the group, but get a “you’re not part of this group” message when you try to go to the online version you may have this issue… we suggest either a) using the same email that you sign into google with to get your group emails at (we can re-invite you with a different email) – you can always forward this to your preferred email address or b) adding the second email address to your google account – you can do this by choosing “account settings” from the menu under your name on any google screen (upper right). If you have any trouble with this type of thing please feel free to contact We can make it work!

About the Google Group Guidelines

The goal of these guidelines is to make sure the google group is meeting its goals, which are:

  • Enable SanDiego350 members to connect with one another to share relevant news, events, and volunteer opportunities with active SanDiego350 members
  • Share new ideas for projects
  • Deliberately work to maintain a low number of emails daily so that new or busy members are not discouraged from participating

How is the google group moderated? The Steering Committee members monitor use of the google group. A Steering Committee member (or delegated representative) may contact individual users who they feel are not complying with the above guidelines and ask them to comply with them. If an individual does not respond accordingly after several such contacts they may be moderated by or removed from the google group by the Steering Committee.