Create a climate action legacy

Make a gift to empower San Diegans to take action on the climate crisis for years to come. With a gift to SanDiego350, you know your funds will be used locally to mobilize adults and youth to take action and advocate for climate justice policies.

There are two main ways to create your climate action legacy and support SanDiego350. These gifts cost you nothing now, and you can change your your beneficiaries at any time.

  1. Include a gift for SanDiego350 in your will or trust: It takes just a few sentences in your will to set up a gift, which can be a percentage of assets or a specific amount.
  2. Designate SanDiego350 as a beneficiary of your retirement accounts, life insurance plans, CDs, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, or other assets. This is an easy way to give and doesn’t require an estate plan or a lawyer. Forms to designate your beneficiaries are usually available online.

Please let us know that you have named SanDiego350 as a beneficiary, so we can thank you for your generosity and show you the impact your gift will have. We’re also happy to answer any questions. Contact Masada Disenhouse, executive director.