Local resources on climate change:

  • San Diego County Climate Action Plans – links to plans, resources, and other materials. Link.
  • San Diego, 2050 is calling. How will we answer? (Climate Education Partners, 2015).
  • Climate Change Related Impacts in the San Diego Region by 2050 (San Diego Foundation, 2008). Glossy summary. Full report.
  • Survey of San Diegans’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Climate Change (Climate Education Partners). Memo.
  • Summary of interviews with key influential San Diegans (Climate Education Partners). Report.
  • San Diego Bay Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy (ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA). Report.
  • GHG inventories, reports on GHG inventory methodologies and more (Energy Policy Initiatives Center @ University of San Diego). Link.

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