Marketing & Communications Team

Team Description

Our team provides marketing and communications support for SanDiego350, including campaign strategy development and execution, messaging development, and content strategy and development across various channels. 

What we’re working on 
  • Building our team and developing team resources 
  • Providing support and training for other SD350 teams, events, and initiatives
  • Finalizing and implementing the updated SD350 brand 
  • Updating and launching the new website
  • Creating and executing social media strategy and campaign 
How to get involved – what volunteers do 
  • Develop strategy and messaging 
  • Write for the blog, newsletters, website, media
  • Create social media content 
  • Media outreach 
  • Create materials for other SD350 teams 
Team Accomplishments 

Successfully formed the MCT in 2020 that develops content and messaging for SD350 and its 12 plus teams. 

Fun Fact 

Our team has only been formally organized for a few months and we’ve already got 16 members! And as with most SD350 teams, we’re pretty diverse, consisting of a variety of ages, sexes, genders, orientations, and backgrounds. (And we’d love to become even more diverse!)

How to Get Involved

The Marketing Communications Team meets bi-weekly on Mondays from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. Please contact the team leaders by emailing comms “at” for more information.