Member Engagement Team

MET welcomes and integrates new members into SanDiego350, and facilitates educational, training and social events for the SD350 community.

What we’re working on 
  • Updating our onboarding process for new volunteers.
  • Coordinating various events for SD350 members.
  • Developing a virtual introduction video for new SD350 members and offering  informational resources for volunteers.
How to get involved – what volunteers do
  • Plan and facilitate Orientation Chats, Monthly Meetings and Social Events.
  • Welcome new volunteers into SD350 via phone calls, one to one conversations, and educational activities.
  • Follow up with members who are interested in taking new or next steps.
  • Increase climate crisis awareness and build the organization’s capacity to mobilize climate activists.
Team Accomplishments 

Facilitated a Just Recovery Panel on COVID-19 with local community leaders.  The discussion was focused on social equity as a key component to moving forward.

Fun Fact

MET was formed as a result of combining both the Bridge and the Training Teams. 

How to Get Involved 

The Membership Engagement Team meets the first Monday of every month from 7:00pm – 8:15pm. All guests are welcome. Please contact Liz Davis, the team leader by emailing met “at” for more information.