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5/2/2018 Climate advocates applaud CPUC Administrative Law Judge Kersten’s recommendation to reject SDG&E’s proposed new gas pipeline

3/5/2018 San Diego City Council to pass resolution against offshore drilling Tuesday

1/30/2018 San Diegans call on SANDAG to prioritize climate solutions and transportation equity in hiring Director



10/15/2016 Hundreds of San Diegans, including local Native American Nations rally against Dakota Access Pipeline at Army Corps of Engineers

7/27/2016 San Diego Unified School District Calls on CalPERS and CalSTRS to Divest from Fossil Fuels

6/24/2016 San Diegans frustrated with SANDAG tax that fails on climate change ejected from Board meeting

5/14/2016 San Diegans mobilize for global Break Free from Fossil Fuels action in L.A.

4/29/2016 San Diegans mobilize for global Break Free from Fossil Fuels action in Los Angeles

12/12/2015 Hundreds Of San Diegans Rally For Stronger Action On Climate Change

11/30/2015 San Diegans Demand Climate Action From World Leaders At Paris Climate Talks

11/6/2015 President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline San Diegans celebrate climate victory

10/28/2015 San Diegans tell CA Public Utilities Commission: Don’t kill solar

10/9/2015 Residents Give SANDAG Silent Treatment on Transportation Plan Vote

9/24/2015 Interfaith forum celebrates Pope’s message on climate justice and seeks to apply lessons locally

8/1/2015 San Diego Residents use Thumbprints on Canvas to Call on Gov. Brown to Stop Fracking

5/27/2015 Climate Change and Environmental Leaders Call on Congressman Scott Peters to Oppose Fast Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership

3/2/2015 San Diegans call for rapid implementation of strong, measurable climate action plan



SanDiego350 Applauds President Obama for Keystone XL Veto

Calls on the President to reject the project outright

SAN DIEGO, CA – In San Diego and across the nation today, citizens concerned about climate change applauded as President Barack Obama vetoed legislation that would have forced him to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL). SanDiego350 (SD350), an all-volunteer climate action group, called the presidential veto a battle won in the fight against KXL, but noted that it does not stop the pipeline’s construction. The pipeline would cross an international border, so its ultimate approval rests with the President. SD350 is urging the President to take this last crucial step.

Masada Disenhouse, a co-founder of SD350, said, “Yes, of course I’m happy that the President vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline. But I’m more anxious for him to finally reject it once and for all. If he fails to take this action – that is totally within his power to do – then he fails to be the climate leader that the world so desperately needs right now.”

President Obama has promised to disapprove construction of the KXL if it would make climate change significantly worse. Federal agencies and top scientists agree that it would. The 800,000 barrels of crude oil to be transported daily through KXL will be extracted from the tar-sands of Alberta, Canada. Oil extracted from tar sands crude causes 17% to 22% more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than does oil produced from conventional crude oil. The destination of this particularly dirty crude is the refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast, from where most of it would subsequently be exported.

Another SanDiego350 co-founder Janina Moretti said, “KXL would create only about 35 permanent jobs and it’s only in the short-term interests of TransCanada and not at all in the interests of the average American who is already starting to experience disruptive weather events related to climate change. Looking at it as a Southern Californian, why risk worsening our already critical drought and wild-fire situation to help out a corporation?”

According to climate scientists, we must keep global warming at or below 2° Celsius (or 3.6° Fahrenheit) to avoid the worst impacts. They estimate that, to stay within that limit, humanity must burn no more than 565 gigatons of carbon by 2050. Globally, it is estimated that five times that amount exists in oil, coal and gas reserves, meaning that 80% of these reserves would thus need to be left in the ground to keep global warming within the range recommended by climate scientists. SD350 argues that the extra emissions associated with tar sands crude oil production make the case for leaving it in the ground even stronger.

Noting this link between KXL and climate change, Peg Mitchell, a grandmother and volunteer with SanDiego350, stated, “If I didn’t act to stop this horrifying threat to my grandkids’ future, I couldn’t live with myself. This country should be focused on a moonshot-type effort to get off all fossil fuels now.”

Opponents of KXL include groups concerned with public health. RN Janice Webb, regional director of the California Nurses Association-National Nurses United, weighed in: “Nurses denounce the Keystone pipeline as a danger to public health. Keystone’s tar sands oil poses a far greater hazard than conventional oil, and has already caused a spike in cancer deaths, renal failure, lupus and hyperthyroidism in Alberta, Canada. Accidents in oil transport have become all too common and cause disastrous contamination of air and water supplies. We call on President Obama to stand up for the health of children, the elderly, and all people, and oppose the Keystone Pipeline.”

SanDiego350 and its partners have actively opposed the Keystone pipeline since early 2013, with rallies and “pipeline walks” in Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Balboa Park, La Jolla, downtown San Diego and even at Comic-Con. They stand against the endless mining of fossil fuels and for an expedited transition to clean energy. The time is now, they believe, for the President finally to reject KXL outright.

From Comic-Con 2013
2013 Comic-Con

From Feb 2013 Rally at Mission Bay Photo by Alex Turner
February 2013, Rally at Mission Bay – Photo by Alex Turner

California Nurses Association at downtown KXL vigil, February 2014 by Diane Lesher
February 2014, California Nurses Association at KXL downtown vigil – Photo by Diane Lesher

Mission Beach. February 2014 - photo by Doug Fowley
February 2014, Mission Beach – photo by Doug Fowley



Proposed Pio Pico Power Plant: A Costly 25-Year Mistake San Diegans Cannot Afford

Say a clean energy future is better for our wallets, our health, and averting climate change impacts (SD350) opposes a preliminary decision reached 1/6/14 by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to approve the Pio Pico Power Plant to be located in Otay Mesa. Nestor, San Diego resident Ken Brucker stated, “These industries have been polluting my neighborhood, giving my neighbors dirty air. Children are the casualties of their search for more profits.” The group said that the proposed $1.6 billion power plant would lock County residents into paying for dirty fossil fuel power that is unnecessary for the next 20-30 years. And that price tag doesn’t even include the cost of the energy. Alternatively, investing resources into renewables and energy efficiency could provide any potentially necessary power while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and disease-causing air pollution. From day one the plant will significantly exceed the EPA’s proposed limits on new power plant carbon emissions, and will make it more difficult to meet California’s carbon reduction targets.“This proposed plant is a giveaway to SDG&E” said Emily Wier, an SD350 member who was a key organizer of a rally at the EPA’s air quality hearing for the plant that drew over 60 people to San Ysidro in December, “the investor-owned utilities are feeling threatened by the growing rooftop solar revolution and are trying to lock us in to a dirty energy future we don’t want and we can’t afford.” (The group performed a skit at the EPA hearing featuring checks to “San Diego Greed & Electric” – see photo below.)“As a mother of two young children, I have a message for the CPUC: We must do everything we can to keep the planet livable for my kids and all kids,” said SD350 member Dr. Jeanne Peterson, “That means saying no to this dirty fossil fuel power plant and other plants like it and supporting a shift to rooftop solar right now.”“SDG&E is trying to scare San Diegans by saying if we don’t do this the lights are going to go out” said SD350 member Dr. Nicole Peill-Moelter, “but that’s simply not true. California Independent System Operator (CalISO – which monitors electricity demand and supply) clearly shows we’ve had more than enough energy to meet demand during the entire San Onofre shut-down, and with more solar production and at least 165 MW of storage coming online, there’s no reason – other than SDG&E profits – to even consider this costly fossil fuel relic.”“It is simply unacceptable that we are even considering this fossil fuel power plant that will annually emit greenhouse gases and air pollutants equivalent to burning 70 million gallons of gasoline.” said SD350 member Masada Disenhouse, “we must begin the transition to clean energy now to meet California’s emissions reduction goals and avert the worst climate impacts, including wildfires, water shortages, coastal flooding, and heat-related diseases.”