Climate Action Plan/Renewable Energy Committee

The Climate Action Plan/Renewable Energy (CAP/RE) Committee is actively involved with municipalities in the San Diego region that are creating or updating their Climate Action Plans and implementing renewable energy policies. Climate Action Plans are the key planning document that guides municipal efforts to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next 25 years and increased supplies of affordable, clean, renewable energy are key to that reduction.

What you need to know about Climate Action Plans

Our Committee advocates for a broad range of climate policies designed to reduce carbon emissions in energy, transportation, and solid waste, as well as sustainable urban design and land use – all while ensuring environmental justice, social equity, and good green jobs. We engage and educate in areas of policy, planning, and advocacy related to CAPs, resiliency plans, renewable energy, and smart growth strategies.

The Future of Solar Energy in California
Specific climate policy areas we support
  • Community Choice Energy
  • Net Energy Metering and rooftop solar
  • Building electrification
  • Affordable housing and high density mixed use near transit corridors
  • Diversion of organic waste from landfills
  • Ensuring social equity and good green jobs – a just transition to a sustainable economy
  • Improvements to public transit, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian crossings
How to get involved – what volunteers do
  • Participate in workshops and public hearings on CAP updates and policies that reduce carbon emissions
  • Research climate policies that cities can implement to reduce carbon emissions
  • Engage elected officials and policy makers to educate and inform them about the need and benefits of good climate policies
  • Host webinars and forums to educate and activate our fellow residents in the region
Team Accomplishments

We actively work with our Climate Hub partners to advocate sustainable policies in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, and other cities in the county. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • San Diego Clean Power will become the 2nd largest community choice energy (CCE) program in California when it fully launches. SanDiego350 successfully advocated for the Cities of San Diego and La Mesa to form this CCE in 2019.
  • Working with our Climate Hub partners, SanDiego350 submitted recommendations for new climate policies to update CAPs in the Cities of San Diego, Encinitas, San Marcos, Vista, Coronado, and San Diego County.
  • SanDiego350 formed a CAP subcommittee within the City of La Mesa Environmental Commission to monitor implementation of the City’s CAP.
How to Get Involved

Our Committee meets virtually each month and we welcome all those who wish to learn and help! Please contact us for more information.