SD350 Supports Friends of San Diego Clean Energy

Friends of San Diego Clean Energy is a coalition of individuals and non-profits who support clean, local energy ( is a member organization). Community energy is an important tool as we seek solutions to climate change and is part of the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan.

Please help us build support for clean, local energy: download our fact sheet and endorsement form, collect signed endorsements from individuals, businesses and organizations, and return them to us (please scan or photograph, and email to

What is Community Energy?

Community Energy offers clean, local energy at competitive rates with the same reliable service.

Community Energy can be administered by a local government, a not-for-profit agency or a coalition of local governments. This entity purchases energy in bulk and resells it to customers—passing along savings and investing profits back into the community. Customers receive the same energy bill they are used to—with an extra line listing the sources which provided their energy. Private energy companies (like SDG&E) still manage electrical wires and deliver energy to customers.

Municipalities across the nation have implemented Community Energy, including Chicago, Boulder and Sonoma. California passed a law supporting Community Energy (AB 117) in 2002—removing a significant organizational hurdle for local governments interested in providing electricity to their communities.

Community Energy Can Lower Your Bill

When communities buy energy directly from energy providers, savings can be passed on to customers. Instead of relying on one company to supply all of their power, communities can purchase energy from multiple providers. This creates competition among energy providers, which can result in lower energy rates and better customer service.

Clean Renewable Energy

Community Energy allows regions to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing more renewable energy and carrying out programs to reduce energy consumption. Communities can also develop local green energy jobs, such as installing rooftop solar panels and retrofitting buildings to improve energy efficiency.

Benefits of Local Control

Using Community Energy, municipalities control the forms of energy they use and can respond to the needs and wishes of community members. By keeping energy dollars in the community, regions can improve their economy and provide local jobs.

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