Our staff is small but mighty! Our staff enables us to support our 20+ volunteer teams, dozens of volunteer leaders and hundreds of volunteers on their projects all across San Diego County. Read more about our volunteer teams.

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Meet SanDiego350’s Staff:

Masada Disenhouse, Executive Director, is a founding member of SanDiego350. She has organized San Diego’s largest climate mobilizations and is passionate about empowering people to organize, advocate, campaign and build grassroots political power together. Prior to SanDiego350, Masada worked for where she managed staff and programs to support the growth and development of the over 150 local 350 affiliates in 350’s U.S. network. masada “at” / 619-335-1265

Nicole Muñoz-Proulx, Volunteer Coordinator, enthusiastically engages with SanDiego350 volunteers by supporting their advocacy efforts and personal development. Equipped with a background in peace and justice, Nicole is dedicated to exploring the intersections of injustice and amplifying peoples’ activism. In her work, she strives to lead with compassion and to bring people together to address systems of oppression within the environmental space and beyond.

nicole “at”

Amanda Ruetten, Public Policy Organizer, supports campaign strategies and project execution for SanDiego350’s Public Policy Team. With a background in Community and Nonprofit Leadership, she is dedicated to advocating for climate action policies that uplift all communities. Her hope is to find a place within the organization for everyone interested in combating the climate crisis through public policy.

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Rachal Hamilton, Justice & Equity Intern, researches and develops anti-racist strategies to further curate SD350’s strive to implement social and racial equity throughout the organization’s policies and volunteer efforts. Rachal will be working with the JEDI team to implement these new ideas through educational training components and innovative content that will help SD350 embrace a culture of intersectionality. As a first-year college student at Southwestern College and the campus’ Student Vice President, Rachal is constantly advocating for her community and creating change wherever she goes.  rachal “at”

Victoria Wallace, Social Media Intern, coordinates social media strategy and content. As a second-year Master’s Student at the UCSB Bren School, Victoria is studying Energy & Climate with a focus in Communication and Media. Her background includes an undergraduate degree in Biology and Global Studies, experience in state and federal government, and social science research. Through her work with climate-conscious organizations, she hopes to help dismantle oppressive systems and build a better world for future generations.

Megan Phelps, Youth Fellowship Program Intern, is developing and leading SD350’s Youth4Climate Fellowship Program for teen climate leaders. She’s a 4th year undergraduate at UC Davis studying Environmental Science and Management where she founded and leads a climate action club and also wrote and helped pass a Student Senate climate emergency resolution. Megan looks forward to inspiring youth in San Diego and beyond to transform our world through climate justice.

Kathryn Chen, Youth4Climate Intern, is working with Megan Phelps to organize and run the Youth Fellowship Program this fall. Kathryn is a second-year undergraduate at UC San Diego, majoring in marine biology and minoring in climate change studies. She is passionate about raising awareness of the science behind climate change and its multifaceted impacts, as well as empowering youth knowledge, voices, and activism.

Natalia Armenta, Education and Outreach Fellow, educates youth throughout San Diego about the climate crisis, how youth can effect change, and joining the Y4C community. Natalia is a junior at High Tech High Media Arts and is passionate about bringing awareness to the disproportionate impacts on BiPOC community and Climate education to improve youth to take action. She is also involved with the Climate reality San Diego chapter YEA Pod and Green Schools Campaign to help schools transition to 100% renewable energy.

Alexa Castruita, Climate Fellow, recruits and engages high school students in the Y4C program and helps youth to become empowered as activists. A junior at Hilltop High School, Alexa is passionate about uplifting BIPoC communities in the face of disproportionate climate change impacts. She is a founding member of the Environmental Justice & Sustainability Club, and was part of the creation process of the Youth4Climate Summer Camp. She hopes to pursue a career in environmental law.

Bella Santos, Media Fellow, engages to develop an influential media platform to increase youth involvement in the climate crisis. A sophomore at Westview High School, Bella is involved in SD350’s Youth v. Oil campaign team and the UCSD Climate Champions Youth Advisory Board. She is passionate about advocating for an intersectional approach to environmentalism, promoting genuine connections between activists, and empowering youth to spark change.

Kate Vedder, Campaign Fellow, is passionate about the intersectionality of the climate crisis, fighting the injustices within the oil industry, and ocean conservation. She is a senior at Point Loma High School and is currently the co-president of Greenpeace PLHS and leads SD350’s Youth v. Oil campaign. She strives to help avert the irreversible effects of climate change while encouraging youth to find their power as activists.