Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to support the SD350 mission statement and to implement the organization’s vision and strategic planning; make routine organizational decisions; hire and oversee contractors; approve and support teams and projects, and guide and support their activities; provide day to day oversight of financial and IT management; run SD350 monthly membership meetings; and ensure that we are optimally engaging our greatest resource – our members.

Steering Committee members serve one year terms (current terms end February 2018). The current steering committee members are listed below. The Steering Committee Election Process is detailed in the Policy Manual on the password-protected SanDiego350 internal web pages. Members may request access by emailing

David Harris

I’ve been involved with SanDiego350 since the October 2014 People’s Climate March. Since early 2016 I have been working with other SanDiego350 volunteers advocating for the adoption of a strong La Mesa Climate Action Plan. I have served as vice-chair of the Public Policy Team for the past year and did advocacy in support of AB 805 (SANDAG reform). Before volunteering, I had a career as a public administrator in local government and was responsible for managing HUD grant programs and planning affordable housing and community development projects. I have written several articles on state climate policy issues on behalf of SD350 and also organized our “Climate Chat” earlier this year on the topic of California’s Climate Action Plan. I have a special interest in Environmental Justice and this Summer I got the opportunity to represent SanDiego350 and network with other E.J. leaders at the Kresge Foundation’s Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Convening in Detroit and at the California Environmental Justice Alliance Congreso in Sacramento. While in the State Capitol, I joined a team of environmentalists to lobby legislators on SB100. I was appointed to the Steering Committee in September after a member’s resignation created an opening. I look forward to working with the other steering committee members to grow our organization, develop leadership from within, and strengthen our collective voice on local and state climate policies.

NicoleNicole Peill-Moelter

I’ve been an active member of SanDiego350 since 2013 including serving as a Steering Committee member last year (2016).  By being an engaged member I can play a much bigger role in addressing climate change than just reducing my own footprint. We can go faster alone but farther together!  For several years I was a co-lead for the Fracking team, helping to organize public educational outreach events and anti-fracking rallies in Oakland and Sacramento.  I’ve been active helping to support other SD350 activities such as rallies; phone banking; being a media spokesperson at events; giving talks related to climate change; commenting at city council meetings; writing letters-to-the-editor and blogs.  In my professional life I am the senior director of environmental sustainability at a Fortune 500 company – so I bring a perspective from inside the “belly of the corporate beast”.  As we grow our organization and movement, the Steering Committee plays a vital role in overseeing and implementing our organization’s vision and strategy; supporting and developing teams, committees and membership; managing our paid staff; and ensuring that we are fiscally strong.  I believe that as a member of the Steering Committee, with my experience and passion, I can help contribute to our organization’s success.

KtomicichKimberly Tomicich

Since I joined SanDiego350 in October 2013, I’ve enjoyed organizing several events for SanDiego350, including Orientation Chats, a 2014 workshop for young climate activists, the 2016 post-election event, and social events including a camping trip and a holiday party. I was also privileged to serve as Bridge Committee leader from 2015-2017. Professionally, I am an innovator for a global public health and safety company that creates and administers certifications to help consumers make purchasing decisions aligned with their values. In SanDiego350, I have been consistently impressed by and proud of our dedicated members and accomplishments. At this crucial point in our movement, I am eager to serve on the Steering Committee to help build a brighter climate future in San Diego.

BillWBill Wellhouse

As a member of the SD350 Steering Committee since March 2016, I have been privileged to participate in many of the executive decisions necessary to keep SD350 running smoothly. Together with my colleagues on the committee I have also helped complete the background work on such matters as budget, insurance, the policy manual, and supporting our teams. I care deeply about the dangers of human caused climate change and believe that SD350 is well-situated to organize and lead the local movement through its strong leadership volunteers, cadre of members, and the coalitions it has built with local environmental, social justice, and faith organizations. Before I retired, I directed two charter schools and gained a great deal of experience with non-profit issues, as well as working with budgets, policy development, a board of directors, and personnel issues.  I enjoy using the experience I have gained to serve on the Steering Committee.