Youth4Climate (Y4C) is empowering the latest generation of youth activists with climate change education, skill building, leadership and activism opportunities.

What we’re working on
  • Supporting campaigns such as Get Out the Vote and Youth v. Oil
  • Bringing climate change presentations to local high schools
  • Developing our volunteer teams to amplify our reach and efficacy
How to get involved – what volunteers do
  • Weekly Y4C community calls 
  • Five volunteer teams: Strategic Campaigns, Actions, Volunteer Coordination, Education & Outreach, and Communications
  • Interactive events (e.g. art builds and voter registration parties)
  • Visit our Instagram to stay in the loop, and be on the lookout for our newsletter 
Team Accomplishments

This year we put on the first Youth4Climate Summer Camp, which engaged dozens of local youth through presentations, activities on climate science, communication, and activism.

Fun Fact

Our fellows are big Harry Styles fans, so you might hear his music during Y4C calls!

How to Get Involved

Y4C community calls are every Thursday from 4:00pm – 5:15pm (sign up here). Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Fellow for more information on how to get involved.

Check out our Youth4Climate website for more information.