Youth Engagement Team

SD350’s Youth Engagement Team works to engage high school and college students to in the climate movement and empower them to take meaningful climate action. Program elements center equity, ensuring that students understand and are prepared to address not just the climate science but environmental racism and income inequality which exacerbate impacts and intersections with other justice issues.

Check out our Youth4Climate website for more information.

Our programs include:

Youth Climate Action Summit

SanDiego350’s first youth climate action summit in June 2019 brought together roughly 55 young climate leaders from 20 high schools across the county to share experiences and strategies, and to learn.

The next summit is on Saturday April 4, 2020. At this summit, high school students will gain the tools they need to thrive as climate leaders and advocate in their schools and communities while also bonding, sharing and networking with other teen leaders. Read more about the summit and register here

Youth Climate Leadership / Eco Club Support Program

This initiative is being piloted in the Spring 2020 semester, to empower high school students to create and develop high school eco-clubs into hubs that prepare and propel youth to lead. The program utilizes a custom handbook, trainings, and a website, while engaging volunteer coaches to provide guidance and support. See information for students and information for coaches.

Climate Strikes

In September 2019, 4,000 students from over 20 high schools and universities walk out of school to demand climate action in conjunction with the global climate strikes, gaining front page coverage in the Union Tribune (wrap up video/press coverage, photos of walkouts, and why students walked). Most climate strike organizers had  attended SanDiego350’s first youth climate action summit in June. SanDiego350 provided volunteer coaches, a DIY toolkit, and resources and materials to support the organizers. We are committed to continuing to support student leadership and participation in climate strikes and other actions.

Other projects we’re pursuing include:

  • Expanding our Student Internship Program to invest in paid part-time interns to organize on university campuses and liaise with high school activists, providing hands-on opportunities to learn, grow, and engage
  • Holding workshops for teachers and other professionals mentoring youth climate leaders.

For more information contact Masada.