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Call on SDUSD to Go Fossil-Free and Electrify Everything!

Call on the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to prioritize students' health and safeguard our future by committing to a fossil free SDUSD and electrifying all district infrastructure by 2030.

Solar panels covering parking lotBy going Fossil-Free and electrifying, SDUSD will reduce carbon emissions and air pollutants. Our children, who spend 1,000+ hours at school annually, deserve a healthy environment and securing a just, sustainable future requires combating climate change. Electrifying will also result in lower operating costs.

As students, parents, teachers, and community members, we are calling on SDUSD to pass a resolution committing to:

  • Transition rapidly to 100% renewable energy by maximizing on-site solar power generation and utilizing SDCP’s Power100 program.
  • Immediately transition to all-electric construction for new or extensively-renovated school buildings and facilities 
  • Upgrade all school buildings to modern, high-efficiency electric solutions.
  • Transition to all-electric school buses.

Schools should be preparing our youth for a healthy, successful future, not putting their future at risk. It is vital that SDUSD continue championing climate solutions to ensure a livable world for its students and pass this resolution now.

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