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Urge the San Diego City Council to Support Phasing Out Oil Extraction in California!

Our home is on fire. Solving the climate crisis starts with keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Susan Duerksen / SanDiego350

Youth v. Oil, a youth campaign dedicated to halting oil drilling, is asking the San Diego City Council to pass a resolution calling upon CA Governor Newsom to:

  • Stop issuing new oil drilling permits and begin phasing out existing oil wells.
  • Create 3,2001 ft safety zones between oil extraction sites and our homes, schools, and workplaces.
  • Develop and launch a concrete plan to end oil drilling in California.

While San Diego does not have active oil drill sites, it is important that our city has a voice because climate change impacts our residents. California cannot be a climate leader without ending oil and gas extraction.                  

Join us this coming week, on Wednesday, April 20th, for our petition delivery, where we will be handing in all the signatures we’ve collected to the San Diego City Council Environment Committee Chair Councilmemeber LaCava and Vice-Chair Councilmember Von Wilpert at San Diego City Hall! Additionally you can share a public comment, either in person or by calling in online at the Resolution Hearing on April 21st. Use our toolkit to sign up for the events or send a written comment.                 

As San Diegans, we are asking the city council to support and vote “yes” for this resolution to fight for a fossil-free sustainable future!                 

1 Previously 2,500ft, number was updated to reflect more recent data                 

Petition to the San Diego City Council

As a San Diego resident, I urge you to support Youth v. Oil’s resolution calling on Governor Newsom to phase out oil drilling in California. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground to stop the climate crisis and preserve a liveable future for myself and all San Diegans. Already, thousands living near active oil wells and refineries are suffering and those who don’t are still feeling climate impacts such as heatwaves, drought, and wildfires. People in the primarily low-income communities & communities of color near wells suffer from negative health impacts, and we must stand up for them. Please join me and other residents in supporting the Youth v. Oil resolution.


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