We are a volunteer-led San Diego County nonprofit organization concerned about climate change. We are raising awareness, mobilizing San Diegans, developing leaders, and advocating for climate action.

Meet the Valve Turners

Meet the 5 Valve Turners — who stopped the five pipelines between the US and Canada — in San Diego. Hear their story and donate to support their legal defense fund. October 11th 2016, 5 brave climate organizers turned emergency shut-off valves on the 5 pipelines that carry oil from the Canadian tar sands into the United States. It was an unprecedented act of non-violent direct action that shut down 15% of US crude oil imports for nearly a day. To ensure that the pipelines would be safely shut down, a call was placed to each company fifteen minutes before valve turners entered the sites, giving them ample time to shut each pipeline down. Location in Azalea Park.

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Join the People’s Climate Mobilizationmarch kids

On Saturday, April 29th, we’ll join together with thousands in San Diego and hundreds of thousands nationally to send a strong message of unity with the massive Washington march. Facing the looming threat of a President who denies the reality of climate change, and openly attacks women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, workers, and so many more, we need to stand up and take action to protect everything and everyone we love.

We will march for our families. We will march for our air, our water, and our land. We will march for clean energy jobs and climate justice. We will march for our communities and the people we love. And we will be louder and stronger than ever before.

When: Saturday, April 29. Where: TBD  RSVP NOW


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SanDiego350 Ballot Measure Results

Thanks to everyone who supported our recommendations for voting on CA and local ballot measures. Fortunately the outcomes on these measures (pending a final count by the Registrar of Voters) are what we hoped for. The detailed pdf file is here.



Fundraising Drive Success!

Thank you to all our members for giving SanDiego350 a more powerful, far reaching voice to advance climate solutions in our community by helping make our first fundraising drive a success. We raised over $13,000 and added 14 monthly sustaining donors. These funds will allow us to mobilize San Diegans to advocate for better policies for clean energy, transit, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, create more impactful and dramatic campaigns & actions, and expand our public education programs in schools & faith groups.  THANK YOU!!!!

Our Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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YouTube   TV coverage and footage from rallies can be seen on our YouTube channel

Climate change is real. It’s happening now. Together, we can stabilize our climate and move to a clean energy future.