We are a volunteer-led San Diego County nonprofit organization concerned about climate change. We are raising awareness, mobilizing San Diegans, developing leaders, and advocating for climate action.

SanDiego350 Ballot Measure Recommendations

Please read and share SanDiego350’s ballot measure recommendations for the November 2016 election. Our short table is below, a more detailed pdf file is here.

Sample social media post, sharing the image below: “#VoteClimate – make sure your ballot measure votes are consistent with climate justice and a livable planet. Check out @SanDiego350’s ballot measure recommendations”



Fundraising Drive Success!

Thank you to all our members for giving SanDiego350 a more powerful, far reaching voice to advance climate solutions in our community by helping make our first fundraising drive a success. We raised over $13,000 and added 14 monthly sustaining donors. These funds will allow us to mobilize San Diegans to advocate for better policies for clean energy, transit, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, create more impactful and dramatic campaigns & actions, and expand our public education programs in schools & faith groups.  THANK YOU!!!!

Volunteer Coordinator Wanted

SanDiego350 is seeking a qualified independent contractor to serve as a part-time Volunteer Coordinator. This position is open until filled. Apply today!

Our Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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YouTube   TV coverage and footage from rallies can be seen on our YouTube channel

Climate change is real. It’s happening now. Together, we can stabilize our climate and move to a clean energy future.