2021 Accomplishments


Led Bold, Strategic Campaigns

Pushed for Bold County Action

We organized coalition partners and hundreds of residents to call on County Supervisors to create a bold, equitable plan for regional climate action and be accountable for its implementation.

Exposed Sempra’s Fossil Fuel Agenda

We launched the Sempra Fracks Our Future Campaign and protested Sempra’s Annual Shareholder Meeting to expose their plan to grow fracked gas exports.

We Were Electrifying

We launched and expanded the 32 organization San Diego Building Electrification Coalition, and achieved a stronger Encinitas building electrification ordinance.

Empowered Youth

Leadership Programs

Trained and mentored 11 high school & college interns.

Provided hundreds of youth with leadership skills via virtual summit and in-person summer programming.

Youth-Led Campaigns

Launched Youth v. Oil and Plastics-Free Gen Z campaigns.

YvOil passed resolution calling for an end to oil extraction at San Diego Unified and asks the SD Council to do the same.

Inspired Youth to Take Action

Supported youth to lead climate strikes of 4,000+ participants.

Convened a high school environmental club coalition to stimulate peer learning and collaboration.

Mobilized & Skilled Up the Movement

Mobilized Thousands

We organized thousands of San Diegans to meet with elected officials, protest climate inaction, provide public input, and advocate for stronger local, county and state policies.

Educated & Empowered

We hosted dozens of workshops, trainings, and forums featuring expert speakers on topics including net metering, building electrification, climate action plans, and transportation justice.

Grew Volunteer Leadership & Staff

We supported dozens of climate leaders across 15 volunteer teams, and grew our staff support to include a full-time Campaign Coordinator and part-time Youth4Climate Coordinator.

Advocated for Climate Justice & Equity

Stood in

Served in coalitions and stood in solidarity with BIPoC-led organizations on policy, the city budget, and to oppose polluting power plants.

(BIPoC = Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)

Built JEDI

Grew JEDI team volunteer leadership and integrated our JEDI and policy efforts. Held anti-racism trainings and workshops on climate justice.

(JEDI = Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)

Advocated for Climate Justice

SANDAG passed the equitable Regional Plan we advocated for with the Transportation Equity Working Group. And the County Office of Environmental & Climate Justice was supported.


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