By Mark Hughes, SanDiego350

(Originally published in the East County Magazine on 3/5/2017)

On February 21, 2017, an audience of approximately 75 attended the Security & Climate Change: Issues and Perspectives conference, held in the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park. Organized and funded by The Center for Climate and Security (with the support of The San Diego Foundation and Skoll Global Threats Fund). The program focused on the threat climate change imposes on world stability, the burden it puts on the US military, and what they, as well as our local and state governments, are doing to plan for the consequences. The conference was followed by a screening of a new documentary entitled “The Age of Consequences.”

Veteran's Museum

Veterans Museum in Balboa Park. Photo courtesy of the author.

The Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, started the conference by noting that the city has been diligently working toward sustainability. Evidence of that effort, to name only two, include the city’s enforceable Climate Action Plan (CAP) as well as the largest water recycling effort in the western hemisphere. These projects could not be done without the close cooperation of the military based here (1 in 6 of the Navy’s personnel reside in San Diego, 1 in 4 of the Marines). San Diego, he said, sets the bar, leads the way toward positive, innovative change. [Read more…]


By Bill Wellhouse, SanDiego350

The local affiliate of The Climate Mobilization, led by Derek and Nancy Cassady, held a rally Tuesday evening, February 21, 2017 at the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Building on Front Street in downtown San Diego. An energetic crowd gathered at 6:00 PM to protest the Trump administration’s national climate policy and to promote The Climate Mobilization’s solution to the climate crisis.

Rally Stage

Rally stage. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

The group’s primary mission is to induce the federal government to adopt a World War II-style mobilization to bring the nation to zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade. This effort, they state, will revitalize American jobs and boost the economy.

Approximately 500 people attended the event. Music provided by the Swamp Critters bookended the event. Speakers at the rally underlined the urgency of combating climate change, and these included three third graders from Mt. Everest Academy. They reminded the audience, to enthusiastic applause, that they were going to be the recipients of the decisions we make today. Other speakers included representatives from labor (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), the Native American community, and local community organizations. Wesley Clark Jr., son of General Wesley Clark, the former general and NATO commander, served as the event’s keynote speaker. Mr. Clark emphasized the need for immediate action regarding climate change, saying we are risking nothing less than extinction with the course the world is currently pursuing. [Read more…]

Climate Change – An Islander’s Experience

By Shanty Asher

(Originally published in the San Diego Free Press on 2/23/2017)

I am a proud Pacific Islander. Over the years, I have witnessed and stood alongside many of my fellow islanders and leaders, combating climate change and its impacts on the islands. Though the percentage of people in the US believe that climate change is real and human-caused is rising, it still only amounts to around half. I have no doubt that if Americans had seen what we have seen, had lived what we have lived through, I believe that percentage would be higher. Much higher.

Sandy beach 1991

Kosrae’s Sandy Beach from 1980’s. Photo courtesy of Kosrae Environmental Agency.

Today, I will share that story with you through an islander’s lens and maybe, just maybe, my story will paint a different picture of climate change; one that you may not have heard before; one that you can relate to because it is not a scientific prediction, but based on actual events.

As an islander, I see climate change’s impact and destruction on its face; it is already happening on our islands. I see it; so I believe that the climate has changed and continues to. As a Christian, I believe God is in control and I, so as many of my fellow islanders, must have faith and not question His work. Indeed, these are difficult and sensitive waters to navigate. Therefore, I will not attempt to dispute any of these views. Today, I only wish to raise a civil inquiry because I have witnessed too much and my empathy demands that I be concerned and speak out. [Read more…]


by Mark Hughes, SanDiego350

(Originally published in the East County Magazine on 2/19/2017)

On Wednesday, 2/15/17, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors entertained public input on their Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan (CREP). Four SanDiego350 members: David Harris, Ken Brucker, Larry Emerson, and myself provided comment. Our primary message was to urge the supervisors to approve spending $200,000 on a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA, also known as Community Choice Energy) feasibility study. The completion of this kind of study is typically done prior to establishing a CCA program in the county – and SD350 believes that a CCA program would produce lower power costs, higher renewable energy content in the electricity we buy, and provide a stimulus for building more renewable energy production facilities.

County Admin Building

County Administration Building. Photo courtesy of the author.

SanDiego350 is not the only proponent of a county CCA. The consultant that the county hired to provide the CREP determined that a CCA would have a “high return on investment” Table 4-3. To make things even more clear, in Table 6-1, the consultant listed the top priority items in order of importance. The CCA feasibility study was considered the most important of the top priorities. County Staff concurred with the County’s consultant and similarly made the preparation of a CCA feasibility study their top recommendation (page 18/19 staff recommendations). In addition, the cities of San Diego, Solana Beach, and La Mesa, to name only a few, are also looking at setting up CCA programs in our area and we support them all.

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Over 100 People Celebrate Valve Turners Climate Direct Action Event in San Diego

By Scott T. Starbuck, SanDiego350

(Originally published in the San Diego Free Press on 2/19/2017)


The Five Valve Turners. Photo courtesy of

Reuters reported that on October 11, activists in four states “shook the North American energy industry.” An appreciative audience at First Church of the Brethren greeted them Monday with $2,300 in donations for their legal funds, repeated applause, and a standing ovation honoring their vision and courage. A donation link has been set up for those who want to support Valve Turners. Of the group of five, Emily Johnston, Annette Klapstein, Leonard Higgins, and Michael Foster were present and spoke at the event. Ken Ward, the fifth member and first to face trial, was unable to attend due to preparing for a retrial after a jury in Mt. Vernon, Washington, refused to convict him on February 1. San Diego was the last California stop on this leg of the Valve Turners Speaking Tour that will take them from Pacific to Atlantic in effort to awaken consciences of citizens to respond to climate reality. The Valve Turners’ personal risk and message of nonviolent direct action has gained press locally at the UT, nationally in The Nation, and on Democracy Now!

The Valve Turners Present Their Story

The Valve Turners Present Their Story. Photo by Amy Knight

Specifically, all of the five, as well as four of their videographers, are facing felony charges and prison sentences up to 51 years for coordinated actions which, according to former lawyer / current Valve Turner Annette Klapstein, “shut down all the major tar sands pipelines coming into the US across four states, in solidarity with [ . . .] brothers and sisters at Standing Rock who are struggling to stop the DAPL Pipeline and to call attention to the catastrophic climate emergency which the fossil fuel companies and their accomplices have created.” To highlight the seriousness of the situation, Ward, a former deputy director of Greenpeace USA, emphasized in a recent Willamette Week article, “The world is ending. Act freaked out.” Ward clarified his motive for shutting down Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline near Anacortes, Washington: “In five years we have to stop all new exploration for all fossil fuels, and we have to stop burning all coal, and we have to stop burning all tar sands.” Ward said street protests will never achieve these goals so he feels civil disobedience is the only viable option now to preserve a livable Earth. [Read more…]

Hearts Gather to Protect the Earth

by Trinity Willis, SanDiego350

On February 14th, a day celebrated by many in the name of love, people gathered early in the morning to advocate love for our planet. In front of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office in San Diego, we wrote out our unconventional love letters on cardboard for passersby to read. Our signs expressed the following feelings: “Keep It In The Ground,” “Protect Our Climate, Water, and Health,” and, a favorite, “This Is Reality”. While it was an early start, honks of acknowledgement from the passing traffic invigorated us. We rewarded each supportive honk with instant cheer, not for the driver vigorously waving at us, but in affirmation of our cause.

SD350 Members Line Aero Drive

SD350 Members Line Aero Drive. Picture by Olga Cortes

Sometime in the second hour of our occupation, we moved into the parking lot, directly in front of the building. A handful of speakers lined up opposite us, voices amplified by a microphone, determined for those inside to listen. Among them: a proud and outspoken mother, whose speech grounded us in the knowledge that clean water for all families is a fundamental right. A professor from City College talked us through the cultural connection and obligation to Mother Earth. Also there: two brave people from Standing Rock, sharing with us their experiences on the frontline and solidarity with the Water Protectors back in North Dakota. When they had spoken their pieces we formed a wide circle at the entrance to the parking lot and began praying. Drums boomed and voices rose; we sang for hope, for peace, for our Earth. The Lakota language stirred a sense of pride, and we swayed in the spirit of the rhythm.

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County Supervisors to Vote on Community Choice Energy and Kill SDG&E’s Monopoly

By Tyson Siegle, SanDiego350

Originally published in the San Diego Free Press on 2/13/2017

On February 15th, San Diegans will have an opportunity to take a huge step forward on clean energy. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will vote on implementation for some or all of the San Diego County Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan (CREP). Many of the steps outlined in the plan save the county money and promote a healthier environment, but one particular piece of the plan could do more to promote clean energy and lower costs than all the rest combined: Community Choice Energy (CCE). If you already know about CCE programs and want to know what you can do to make sure the County Supervisors fund a CCE feasibility study, scroll down to San Diego County CCE Advocacy. For those of you interested in learning about Community Choice Energy and the impressive features of the newest program, read on.

What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy, also referred to as Community Choice Aggregation, gives a city or county the power to decide where its electricity comes from, how much it will cost, and the sources used to generate that power. A CCE does not eliminate the utility option. It simply provides customers the additional option of Community Choice Energy. For the CCE option the local community takes over the power purchasing decisions from the utility company.


CCE/CCA program model. Source LEAN Energy US

Cost control, location, and generation type each deserve further discussion. [Read more…]

Why I Support Standing Rock Sioux’s Nonviolent Protest Against Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline

by Scott Starbuck, SanDiego350

The past two terms, my students asked why I support Standing Rock Sioux’s nonviolent protest against Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline.  In the fewest possible words, these two RISE videos explain why: Part 1 and Part 2.  I am grateful reported that 4,000 veterans, and many others, from as far away as Norway, are supporting this effort.

Oceti Sakowin (main camp) Photo by Paul Sasso

Oceti Sakowin (main camp) Photo by Paul Sasso

One of my favorite thinkers, Isaac Asimov, said, “[Y]ou do your best to disprove your own findings.” which is what I did before I threw my support behind the Sioux.  In other words, I read Energy Transfer Partners’ claims and positions, and compared them with those of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their supporters. However, I didn’t stop there.  I called former North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office and had a conversation with his secretary.

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County Supervisors’ Vote Could End SDG&E’s Monopoly

By Tyson Siegele, SanDiego350 (Originally published in the East County Magazine on 2/12/17)

This coming Wednesday, February 15th, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will vote on implementation for some or all of the San Diego County Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan (CREP). Many of the steps outlined in the plan save the county money and promote a healthier environment, but one particular piece of the plan could do more to promote clean energy and lower costs than all the rest combined: Community Choice Energy (CCE).

Source: Peninsula Clean Energy

Source: Peninsula Clean Energy

CCE, also referred to as Community Choice Aggregation, is a program that gives consumers an additional choice in electricity provider. In the past, all power has been sourced by the local utility, in monopolistic fashion. This approach, of course, does not tend to produce the lowest costs. Under a CCE program, the local utility will have to compete with alternative energy electricity generation, and the consumer will be able to choose who supplies his power, thus breaking up the monopoly.

The cities/regions in California that have adopted CCE programs have seen reductions in the cost of electricity offered. Not only that, but consumers can choose between electricity packages that can range from 30% to as much as 100% renewable energy. In some cases, even the 100% greenhouse gas free option is cheaper than the standard utility offering. This is because, for the last few years, wind and solar have been the two cheapest forms of new electricity generation, even without subsidies. Better yet, wind and solar costs are still dropping.

The first step toward setting up a CCE for San Diego county is a feasibility study. This is what the county supervisors are voting on this coming Wednesday. To contact them regarding your opinion on whether CCE should move forward, call or write:

District 1 — Greg Cox — 619-531-5511,

District 2 — Dianne Jacob, Chair — 619-531-5522,

District 3 — Kristin Gaspar — 619-531-5533,

District 4 — Ron Roberts — 619-531-5544,

District 5 — Bill Horn — 619-531-5555,


Tyson Siegele, a SanDiego350 member, is an architect who works to promote sustainable design and clean energy. Recently he created, a residential clean energy handbook, to chronicle things to do as well as things to avoid on one’s path to zero emissions.

San Diego 350 Calls on Senators Feinstein and Harris to Reject Trump’s Climate Denier Cabinet

By David Harris, SanDiego350

Originally published in the San Diego Free Press on 1/26/17

Two weeks ago, a sign-wielding crowd of 150 people gathered together in front of the downtown Federal Building to deliver an urgent message to California’s two Senators: reject four nominations made by President Trump to key cabinet-level level posts. Why? Because all four of these men deny the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change.

SD350 Cabinet Nominee Protest

Protesters rally against Trump’s Cabinet Nominees. Photo by Chris West.

At the peaceful but spirited rally, speakers Diane Takvorian of the Environmental Health Coalition and newly elected Councilmember Georgette Gomez called upon Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris to reject Trump’s nominees. “I know how much California has done and plans to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” stated Takvorian, “and I know Senators Feinstein and Harris support this progress. That’s why it’s now so critical for them to take a vocal, principled stand and oppose these climate denying nominees who value corporate profits over our communities.”

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