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Let’s Go! San Diego Campaign Update

By Emma Rodriguez, SanDiego350 Campaign Coordinator

California is home to a uniquely powerful system of direct democracy. California voters are able to propose and approve laws independently of the political establishment. With roughly 120,000 signatures, an initiative can qualify for a vote of the populace in the County of San Diego. One such initiative is Let’s Go! San Diego. 

Let’s Go! San Diego, if approved, will impose a half-cent sales tax on most purchases (not including groceries) to fund transportation solutions across San Diego County. 

Why us

48% of the greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego come from transportation. And so SanDiego350 has always championed more public transportation options that can provide alternatives to emission heavy cars. Reminder, around 70% of car trips in San Diego are solo trips. But better transportation options also lead to better air quality, better health outcomes for all, and more social mobility for low-income people who may need to get to job centers far from them. 

So, when Let’s Go! San Diego began its initiative campaign for November, 2024 back in Summer of 2023, groups across the county came together to collect signatures and qualify the measure. This includes Environmental Health Coalition, Casa Familiar, Mid City CAN, Urban Collaborative Project, Labor groups, and so many more. 

How it went 

SanDiego350 mobilized roughly one-hundred volunteers to collect signatures. The coalition mobilized another several hundred volunteers and all together, we collected over 2,500 signatures. 

The ballot measure proved to be popular. Among its most popular project priorities:

  • Airport connector
  • Fixing the potholes
  • More buses and bike lanes
  • More frequent service
  • Safer Infrastructure- from bridge repair to transit station security 

What’s Next

Let’s Go! San Diego has now qualified for the November, 2024 ballot. SanDiego350 will lead the grassroots organizations looking to convince voters to support Let’s Go. 

We’ll also be working on at least one other ballot measure- the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California. We support KEEPING SB 1137, which requires that new oil and gas extraction sites are set back at least 3,200 feet from homes, schools, and hospitals. 

To support these campaigns, visit their webpages and attend their upcoming events. Including the Let’s Go! San Diego Launch June 8 from 10 am-12 pm. We’ll celebrate our efforts and rally to support transportation at the launch in Imperial Beach, along the new rapid bus route that connects the historically underserved communities of Otay Mesa to the ocean in Imperial Beach. Why there? Because it goes to show that transportation options can be life changing.