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Member of the Month: Alli Dangio

This month, we interviewed SanDiego350 volunteer, Alli Dangio to share about their climate activism. Alli is a dedicated member of SD350’s Youth v. Oil.

How did you first get involved with SD350, and when was that?

I first became involved with SD350 at the end of September 2022, through Youth v. Oil. I first heard of SD350 at a protest I attended during the summer protesting the decision of the Supreme Court to remove the ability to place state level caps on carbon emissions from EPA.

What drives your activism?

The main thing that drives my activism is the realization of how much privilege I was born with. As a white, middle-class person living in San Diego, I have the ability to choose to ‘ignore’ climate change, and many in my position choose to do just that. This realization drives my activism because I truly want to exist in a world that is just and equitable, and for me, fighting for climate justice is a way that will hopefully bring us one step closer to that.

What do you recommend to people who want to have a larger impact through the environmental movement? What do you prioritize in your own activism?

Focus on what you know (whether that’s your school or place of work) and try to get change to happen there. If everyone focuses on their communities, change could happen very quickly (local leads to national which leads to global change). Something I prioritize in my activism is building connections through conversations. I love talking with friends and family members about different issues and expressing the importance of looking at issues from the environmental perspective. I also love building connections with fellow activists, in order to have a greater impact and learn new things about the movement.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? Any fun facts?

One fun fact about me is that my favorite food is Pad See Ew 🙂

The teams I am involved in are Youth v Oil, RTA, JEDI and the CAP teams.