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Meet our new HR & Operations Coordinator: Annette Fritzsche

By Annette Fritzsche

I believe community organizing is one the most effective ways to bring about positive social change, and for this reason and many others, it’s a pleasure to join the team at SanDiego350 as the HR and Operations Coordinator. My work will be a lot of behind-scenes support to help move the vision forward. Human resources, reporting, compliance – all the things that, if done and done effectively, will go unnoticed by others and they’ll be able to do more effective work.  

My passion for community, education, and partnerships have led me to work in the arts and culture field as a teacher, nonprofit manager, and grants administrator. In addition to my work here, I also lead the grants administration for a national foundation that supports youth music programs.

I’m really encouraged by the organization and impact that SD350 is making locally and am looking forward to being involved.