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Member of the Month: Wayne Mai

Wayne Mai and their mentor Dr. Vi Nguyen
Wayne and their mentor Dr. Vi Nguyen

This month, we interviewed SanDiego350 volunteer, Wayne Mai to share about their climate activism. Wayne is a member of the Membership Engagement Team and is also working with the SB1137 Referendum team and helping out with education and outreach.

How did you first get involved with SD350, and when was that?

I first got involved with SD350 back in April; I attended a Youth v. Oil die-in rally, then joined the Membership Engagement Team after attending their open house. 

What drives your activism?

As a pre-med student aiming to be a pediatrician, I am concerned with the health impacts of climate change and especially how they affect kids growing up in this climate crisis; I want to work for a better, safer world for the future generation. I’m also inspired by my mentor, Dr. Vi Nguyen, whom I work with through San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air.

What do you recommend to people who want to have a larger impact through the environmental movement? What do you prioritize in your own activism?

I recommend people to keep connecting with others, since the climate community really is how we’re able to make great projects happen, and to continue finding your personal strengths that can make your activism unique to you.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? Any fun facts?

I make art in my free time! I’m also the national lead intern for Enviro-Art, a youth art contest allowing kids 18 and under to artistically express their feelings on the current climate crisis. We’ve been able to establish similar projects in Oregon, Missouri, and New York! Here are the incredible entries for this year’s project: