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Let’s Go! San Diego is on the November 2024 Ballot! Now what?

By Emma Rodriquez, SD350 Campaign Coordinator 

For three years, SanDiego350 has been part of a coalition of labor, businesses, community groups, and other environmental organizations fighting for Let’s Go! San Diego. And as of last month, we’ve officially entered the final stage! That means that when you get your ballot this November, Let’s Go! San Diego will be one of the measures you’ll be asked to vote on. I want to remind you all why we’ve fought so long for this moment, what it means for San Diego, and what it means for you.

Right now, SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) is in the midst of a new iteration of a process that happens every four years. They are developing their 2025 regional plan- which will guide development of our transportation system for the next several years. SanDiego350 has advocated for and endorsed many of the ideas and suggested projects put forth in the 2021 Regional Plan and expected to appear in the 2025 Plan. That includes but is not limited to:

Photo of Transit Team
  • Airport Connector
  • Purple Line from South County to Kearny Mesa
  • Blue Line Express for South County
  • Moving Rail Line off the Bluffs 
  • Dedicated funding for rapid bus route connections
  • Frequency enhancements on existing rapid bus & trolley lines
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Bridge repair
  • Road repair
  • Habitat preservation
  • Stormwater upgrades
  • Active transportation- including 2035 bike lane network
  • Keeping far8es affordable and/or free for seniors, youth, disabled, veterans

The 2050 vision set forth by SANDAG’s plans will allow San Diegans to make choices- drive an EV without worrying about where to charge, take a convenient and frequent bus or trolley, or bike or walk safely. The transportation network will be multi-modal, efficient, safe, and choice-heavy. 

Let’s Go! San Diego adds just a half cent to the sales tax, already among the lowest in the state. That money will be matched by state and federal funds. In similar instances, funds are matched 4:1, making this a strong investment in transportation. But it also makes it an investment in health. When transportation systems give people choices aside from driving, populations served have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, and related disease s. Plus, reductions in driving and revitalized infrastructure paid for by Let’s Go! San Diego is projected to lead to an incredible 20% reduction in air pollution. 

Now our job is to convince people across the county to vote YES! on Let’s Go! San Diego! You can help by:

  1. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and even your enemies about why they should vote for Let’s Go! San Diego! Visit for information
  2. Join the SanDiego350 Transportation team and
    1. Give a presentation about Let’s Go to a group you are affiliated with.
    2. Help us collect endorsements from organizations, elected bodies, elected officials, and community leaders.