SanDiego350 is an inclusive volunteer organization building a movement to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and climate injustice. We strive to create a future that supports a livable planet and just society through education and outreach, public policy advocacy, and mobilizing people to take action.


Our vision is for an informed, mobilized and united community that is empowered to reduce our carbon footprint, and hold our elected officials accountable for creating a low-carbon, sustainable and just world. Our power comes from our alliance with social justice, environmental, labor, health, faith and other partners.


In September 2011 we brought together hundreds of San Diego County residents, and we collectively called on our elected representatives to take immediate, strong action on climate change as part of’s international day of action on climate change. After that event, we decided to form a group and started organizing San Diegans to take action on climate change. We’ve organized San Diego’s largest climate mobilizations, including the 1,500-person “People’s Climate March” in September 2014. In 2014 we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Steering Committee

The SanDiego350 (SD350) Steering Committee is an elected body of four members and one alternate who support the SanDiego350 mission statement, provide continuity between monthly membership meetings, guide and support organizational activities, work with members to develop a dynamic vision for the organization, and ensure that we are optimally engaging our greatest resource – our members. Information on the current steering committee is here.


The organization’s policies are in the password-protected SanDiego350 internal web pages. Members may request access by emailing


SanDiego350 Team Building Meeting January 2017 at Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Palomar