SD350 Impressions of the Downtown Women’s March

The International Women’s March was held on Saturday, January 21st, 2017. More than 670 sister marches were held around the world, in countries and places as diverse as Belarus, Ghana, Iraq, Vietnam, and Antarctica. All in all, an estimated 4.8 million people took part, all marching to declare that women’s rights are human rights, to demand justice for all, including the environment.

SD350 Women's March

SD350 members take part in Women’s March. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

It all started on one computer, with Theresa Shook asking 40 Facebook friends what if they descended upon Washington DC around Inauguration day to make their demands known? The next morning, she awoke to find that 10,000 people had signed up. The event(s) only escalated from there, in true democratic fashion. One person, indeed, can make a difference.

And so, many of our SD350 members joined in the march downtown. Here are some of their impressions:

PCM Outreach

Outreach for People’s Climate Mobilization March on 4/29/17. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

I took heart that so many people sought connection in good will, as a rebuff to the new administration. My favorite sign at the event: If I make my uterus a corporation will they stop regulating it? My favorite costume: Rosie The Riveter – in a blue jumpsuit, w/red & white polka dot wrap (and a poster pin on the lapel).

–Barbara Cohen

The trolley ride to the march was an impressive event, in and of itself. I was fortunate enough to get on the trolley at Alvarado, before it became standing room only. By the time we left the SDSU station, there was no room left at all. Stop after stop we passed by people who would have to wait for the next one. That’s when I knew it would be bigger than the estimate of 10,000.

–Rick Bramhall

SD350 Member

SD350 Pride. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

I think what impressed me was the civility and optimism of the women’s march. When a couple of our guys were having trouble with their sign being blown back by the ocean breeze, others who were not part of SD350 stepped up to help. When I bumped into strangers, they smiled at me and said that’s all right when I apologized. People were helping each other figure out the public transit system to get home afterwards.

–Joan Raphael

So today was pretty inspiring – 30-40,000 people marching in San Diego, tons more nationally. I left doing some soul searching. But if we can’t keep them engaged in the political process we won’t be able to effectively resist Trump and advance policies that move the US away from our bigoted, sexist, anti-science corporatocracy and to a place of greater equality and justice on a healthy, livable planet…

–Masada Disenhouse

Call for Justice

Call for justice in front of Justice Hall. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

The best part of being part of the Women’s March in San Diego this morning was witnessing the incredible number of people who came! We had to change our travel plans, as the first bus that was due to pick us up was already full from North County March attendees, so we ended up taking a different bus, which had to be rerouted due to flooding at Fashion Valley Transit Center.  We walked from City College, and saw many other protesters walking along Broadway and up C Street. Standing at the Starbuck’s across the street from the front/back of the March, we saw one banner among the assembled crowd, though we didn’t end up connecting with the contingent until after we’d reached the end of the March at the County Offices Building. It was an impressive sight, for sure, and an indescribable feeling to be among others who care about the state of our nation and about the incoming administration’s failure to comprehend the seriousness of our species’ situation.

–Nancy Yuen

This chant rings in my auditory mind:

No climate denier!

The world is on fire!

–Michael Brackney

SD350 Messaging

SD350 members make their message heard at the march. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

The best part of the march, for me, was the overwhelming atmosphere of kindness & support of each other. People were not strident and angry – they were jubilant and hopeful. Friends were made in an instant. To be with so many like-minded people the day after the inauguration was a shot in the arm. I am energized as I have never been in my life to speak out.

–Lisa Leete


Such an awesome experience, amazing loving peeps! I’ll keep wearing the safety pin hoping to run into some of the marchers around town, day to day.

–Alessandra Colfi

My wife and I took the Sprinter Train from Oceanside to San Marcos Civic Center. It was a historic day for the train and for politics. Each station platform was full. The train was soon full. At the Palomar stop, the full platform of people could not get on. They had to walk to the Civic Center station. The crowd was wonderful. The signs were magnificent. We needed one half of the arterial road, for much of the march.

–Mike Bullock

SD350 solidarity

SD350 Solidarity. Photo by Bill Wellhouse.

I’ve never been to a march in San Diego as large as Saturday’s Women’s March. No doubt about it: all those people marching in the nation’s most militarized city should cause the elite to sit up and take notice. It was exciting to be part of it.

–Faith Attaguile

When we (30,000-40,000 of us!) sang the National Anthem before marching, warm tears streamed down my face. I felt flooded with so many emotions: love for my country, shame of our new presidential team and gratitude for the amazing crowd that surrounded me on the streets, including my mom who was standing beside me. It was a truly moving moment that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life.

–Kimberly Tomicich

An awesome feeling.

–Rick Deluna


  1. Jenny Brengelman says

    Masada Disenhouse:
    You are so right, we have to sustain this by keeping the people engaged an active. How do we do that now? What’s the plan and the next step?

  2. We are planning the big April 29th mobilization. Volunteer to help. Also, we need to be ready to respond to Trump’s provocations. Last night, the 24th, was one such occasion. We must have had a 100 people there, and all with only a few hours notice!

  3. Wait.See what supreme court rules.Involve and evolve in yout community-based programs . Write to congress to make new bills to lobby. MOST Of all stay awsy from violent protests.Pray.

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