SanDiego350 Climate Presentation at Lions Club – National City

By Mônica Prado, SanDiego350 

On August 31st, the SanDiego350 Presentation Team shared with members of a local Lions Club in National City what we can do together to solve the climate crisis. Presenters Nancy Cottingham and Beverly Harju explained what climate change is and how we, as individuals and collectively, can act towards reducing fossil fuels emissions.  The presentation was organized by Larry Emerson, a National City resident and SanDiego350 volunteer, with the support of National City Host Lions Club.

Nancy Cottingham presenting at National City Lion’s Club, Photo by Mônica Prado

Raymond Juarez, one of the Lions Club members attending the Climate Presentation, commented that the problem is complex but is solvable. His takeaway was that action must be taken. “It comes down to personal choices that you’ll have to make, and it will take individuals, the Nation, and a global effort for it to be effective”, he said at the end of the meeting.

Beverly Harju and Larry Emerson, SanDiego350’s Presentation, August 31st, 2017, National City, Photo by Mônica Prado

During the 30-minute presentation, Nancy explained how the excessive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere is causing the planet to warm unnaturally. She used the analogy of a greenhouse where plants, vegetables and fruits can be cultivated, but perish if it gets too hot. Nancy also explained the impacts and risks of increased global temperature for our society.

Beverly addressed three key actions that would make a difference in reducing CO2 emissions and would help driving society towards a 100% clean energy -Climate policy and regulatory protections, green energy development and personal/local actions. These are topics that should be on the agenda for anyone interested in being a good citizen in relation to climate. “Open your hearts”, encouraged Beverly during the presentation.

SanDiego350 thanks National City Host Lions Club and its members for the opportunity to share information and solutions for a climate crisis. Please contact Bev at to invite SanDiego350 for a free climate change presentation at your, school, or any club/group you’re involved with that would like to host us.

Author Bio: Mônica Prado, a SanDiego350 volunteer, has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Communications. She is attending University of Lisbon (Portugal) towards completing her doctoral degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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