Meet SanDiego350’s Board of Directors:

KtomicichKim Kishon (President) joined the Board in 2018. She is an active SD350 volunteer and has served as a Team leader and on the Steering Committee. Professionally, she is an innovator for a global public health and safety company that creates and administers certifications to help consumers make purchasing decisions aligned with their values.

Joyce Lane (Vice President) joined the Board in 2018. She is a team leader on the Public Policy Team and has served in that capacity periodically since 2016. She has been a member of several other non-profit boards in San Diego and is passionate in her concern for the planet and doing what she can to make the world a better place.

Emily Wier (Secretary) served as a Steering Committee Member from 2012 – 2015, and has been a Board Member since 2015. She is passionate about urban climate mitigation, civic engagement, and leadership development. Emily has a master’s degree from Yale University.

Kath Rogers joined the board in 2017. Kath has been highly active in campaigns for human rights, environmental justice, and animal protection for nearly two decades. By day, she works as Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles.

Rebecca Rojas joined the Board in 2019. She started volunteering with SD350 in 2012 because she wanted to be part of building a social movement that would fight for climate justice. By day she works as an attorney advocating for the rights of seamen injured onboard vessels and victims who have been seriously injured in accidents.

Bill Wellhouse (Acting Treasurer) joined the Board in 2019 after serving on SanDiego350’s Steering Committee and doing a lot of the work to keep the organization running smoothly, including budget, insurance, our policy manual, and supporting our teams. Before he retired, Bill directed two charter schools and gained a great deal of experience with non-profit issues.

Masada Disenhouse (Executive Director, ex officio member) is a founding member of SanDiego350. She has organized San Diego’s largest climate mobilizations and is passionate about empowering people to organize, advocate, campaign and build grassroots political power together.