The SanDiego350 Board of Directors consists of five Directors and meets twice annually. It is responsible for:

  • The general direction of organization
  • Facilitating strategic planning for the organization
  • Ensuring financial well-being of the organization

Day-to-day organizational operations are delegated to the elected Steering Committee.

The Directors:

Masada Disenhouse (President) is a founding member of SanDiego350. She has organized San Diego’s largest climate mobilizations and is passionate about empowering people to organize, advocate, campaign and build grassroots political power together. She works for the international group where she serves as the North America Organizing Coordinator.


Simon Mayeski (Treasurer) is a founding member of San Diego 350 and has served on several other non-profit boards in California. He formerly worked in the computer industry, and sometimes work as treasurer for select progressive candidates. In his spare time, he writes speculative fiction.


Emily Wier served as a Steering Committee Member from 2012 – 2015, and has been a Board Member since 2015. She is passionate about urban climate mitigation, civic engagement, and leadership development. Emily has a master’s degree from Yale University and currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut.





Kath Rogers joined the board in 2017. Kath has been highly active in campaigns for human rights, environmental justice, and animal protection for nearly two decades. By day, she works as an attorney in private practice and teaches as an adjunct law professor.





Kim Kishon joined the Board in 2018. She is an active volunteer with SanDiego350 and has served as a Team leader and on the Steering Committee. Professionally, she is an innovator for a global public health and safety company that creates and administers certifications to help consumers make purchasing decisions aligned with their values.



Joyce Lane joined the Board in 2018. She is a team leader on the Public Policy Team and has served in that capacity periodically since 2016. She has been a member of several other non-profit boards in San Diego and is passionate in her concern for the planet and doing what she can to make the world a better place.