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Climate change is happening now and radically altering our biosphere—the envelope of earth, air and water that sustains all life on our planet.  In order to avoid the worst impacts–drought, sea level rise, devastating wildfires, rising temperatures–we need to make changes in our lives both personal and collective.

This is the subject of The Climate Change Crisis and How We Can Solve It Together, a Communicating Climate Change WorkshopPowerPoint presentation created by SanDiego350.  The presentation informs members of the general public about this challenge facing humanity, including:

  • Causes
  • Local and global impacts
  • Why we haven’t acted
  • Solutions (personal and collective)

The presentation highlights the urgency of action on climate change and empowers everyday San Diegans to take action in meaningful ways.  The presentation runs approximately one hour, including 10 minutes for Q&A, and is presented absolutely free of charge.

We also provide customized presentation on specific climate topics, for example climate solutions or specific policies.

Please contact Sebastian and Jay at to schedule a presentation.

Tools for presenters: