Presentation and Story Team

Our team mission is to grow the climate change movement through education and engagement. We efficiently create and deliver presentations on climate change and climate action to students and to public and private groups. We also foster SD350 membership, community relationships for future actions and increase the number of SD350 volunteers.

What we’re working on
  • We have pivoted to developing workshops and a webcast/podcast to educate audiences.
  • We have developed a workshop using En-Roads, a Climate simulator that puts participants in the role of different global stakeholders in business, government, and civil society who can influence climate solutions.  In the workshop, we explore a 2C future and the lessons learned from that process thus far.
  • Additionally, we are developing a podcast called “New Energy” using Zoom to interview SD350 members and non-members  about nature, society, environmental justice, equity, and much more!
How to get involved – what volunteers do 
  • Support and help build the podcast. We need interviewers and interviewees, and to develop questions and content. 
  • Reach out to organizations about developing and facilitating  the En-Roads/C-Roads Climate Workshop
  • Develop videos and presentations on relevant topics
Team Accomplishments 
Fun Fact 

Nature nurtures us, the sea soothes us, people energize us! 

How to Get Involved 

The Presentation Team meets every second Wednesday of the month from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Please contact team leader Sebastian Feye by emailing presentation “at” for more information or to schedule a presentation.