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Training: How to talk and write effectively on Climate (ONLINE)
When: May 23, 2023 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Where: Zoom
Contact: Paloma@SanDiego350

Building Your Climate Action Series: Part 4 How to talk & write effectively

Tactful messaging is key to inspiring change and building the movement, but when we use the same rote phrases to call for change, we miss out on the opportunity to resonate with our people. With thoughtful planning, you can create messaging that magnetizes others to the cause!

This workshop is about the words, pictures, and vision we use to inspire change. Learn how to think like your audience, develop simple talking points, anticipate the opposition, and call for powerful action.

Part 4 In-person Sunday, May 21st  (same event, but in person in Hillcrest)