Youth4Climate's Rise Up Rooted Summit
When: May 25, 2024 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Where: KIPP Adelante School Prep Academy
426 Euclid Avenue
San Diego, California

REGISTER HERE for Youth4Climate’s RISE UP ROOTED Summit!

At this year’s summit, we’ll learn how our connections across the environmental and social justice movement strengthen our community and the impact of our action!

Our Plans For This Summit: We’ll hear the stories of experienced and diverse youth, and invite you, our participants, to share your thoughts in our discussion groups. We’ll participate in a team-building activity where we’ll engage in a friendly competition to search for climate solutions. Finally, we’ll share direct ways you can make a difference at our action fair and end the day with a regenerative art activity. 

Our Theme, Rise Up Rooted: The climate movement is inherently connected to broader fights for justice and sovereignty, which includes full solidarity with BIPOC & frontline communities, students, and organizers in San Diego and beyond. Like the interlocking roots of various trees in a forest, we are rooted in the communities we hail from, and seek to uproot systems that harm those communities. In essence, our theme is “Rise Up Rooted” because as interconnected activists, we are stronger together!  

The Youth4Climate Summit: Our summits are annual event where students and the community can connect with a network of local climate activists, access Y4C resources and knowledge, learn from community leaders, climate scientists, and & other experts, and participate in collaborative, innovative, and restorative activities. 


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