Interfaith Team

The SanDiego350 Interfaith Team is committed to being good stewards of this earth by working for climate justice, building a San Diego interfaith climate coalition, and supporting creation care efforts in the diverse faith communities of our area. Our approach embraces climate education, political advocacy, movement building, and direct action. We believe that our faiths call us to work toward a world that honors and sustains all religions, peoples, and creatures.

We support congregations and other faith organizations who would like to learn more about climate change or explore starting a creation care or green team by providing customized workshops, information on relevant policies, coaching and other assistance.

To request a workshop or other support, to explore building an interfaith climate coalition, or to join the Sandiego350 Interfaith team, please contact

Below: Answering Earth’s Call Interfaith Forum, September 2015, hosted by a coalition of faith based, environmental, labor, and health organizations calling for action to protect our common home (Photo by John Niksic)