Food and Soil Committee

Mission Statement

The Public Policy Team‘s Food and Soil Committee works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by advocating for policies and individual choices that:

  1. decrease the consumption of animal products,
  2. reduce food waste while increasing composting, and
  3. favor foods that are organic, locally produced and in season, and/or pasture-raised.

We go beyond emissions reduction by supporting gardening, agricultural, and landscaping practices in San Diego County that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil.

We collaborate with other SanDiego350 committees and like-minded organizations to achieve these goals, and we help San Diegans interested in food and climate get connected to projects in the area that are making a difference.

Coming Soon

In the near future we plan to provide more info here about a variety of topics:

  • Scientific connection between food and climate change
  • What we do
    • Policy analysis & endorsements
    • Participate in policy working groups
    • Individual choice advocacy through presentations & events
  • Policy endorsements & advocacy we’ve done thus far
  • Upcoming events
  • How to get involved with the committee

Impacting Climate Change Through Food and Soil

For now, here’s our two-page flyer describing four food-related things you can do to help fight climate change.

If you want to learn more and discover ways you can make an impact, please visit our tips and links page.

We meet monthly. Contact us to get involved!