Food and Soil Committee

Photo of Food and Soil Committee Members

The Food and Soil Committee works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by advocating for policies and individual choices that decrease the consumption of animal products, reduce food waste, and favor foods that are organic, local, in season, and/or pasture-raised. We support gardening, agricultural, and landscaping practices that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil.

What we’re working on
  • Reaching out to other food-focused organizations in San Diego to foster stronger working relationships
  • Working with institutions to adopt more plant-based and low carbon meals 
How to get involved – what volunteers do
  • Reviewing, endorsing, and advocating for selected policies that pertain to the areas of food and soil 
  • Educating the public through public events, such as climate chats, presentations, and Earth Day Fairs
  • Partnering with and establishing relationships with like-minded organizations
Team Accomplishments

Compiled a resource list of CSAs, regenerative farms, and other ways of accessing local, organic, and even regenerative food in San Diego during the pandemic. 

Fun Fact

There are more microorganisms in a handful of soil than there are humans on Earth!

Ways you can fight climate change through food and soil
How to Get Involved

The Food and Soil Committee meets monthly online. Please contact the Public Policy Team for more information.