Raise the Alarm Team

Our team is Raising the Alarm about the urgency of action on climate change using a range of tactics but with a strong focus on nonviolent direct action (NVDA).

What we’re working on

  • Sempra Fracks our Future Campaign – Expose Sempra as a fracked gas infrastructure company.  Fracked gas is not a safe transition fuel!
  • Use direct action, protests (car caravans, etc.), and videos to get that message to the public, media, and our electeds.
  • Work with our youth team to motivate youth to take action.
  • Work with other SD350 teams and other coalition partners to campaign on related issues like San Diego’s franchise agreement and building electrification.

How to get involved – what volunteers do

  • Plan and execute protests and direct actions
  • Participate in art builds to create signage
  • Create videos and work on delivery strategies

Team Accomplishments 

  • Organized a Protest Car Caravan at Sempra’s Headquarters

Fun Fact 

We hold occasional virtual happy hours to relax and enjoy each others’ company!

How to Get Involved 

The Raise the Alarm Team meets every other week, generally on Sundays, from 5:00pm – 6:30pm. Please contact the team leaders Scott Kelley or Phil Petrie by emailing rta “at” sandiego350.org for more information.