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Youth v. Oil Celebrates: Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California

After months of advocacy and activism from grassroots organizations and frontline communities, including Youth v. Oil in San Diego, Big Oil withdrew its referendum to overturn the oil setback law that was passed in 2022.

The Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California has won!

What happened?

Despite spending nearly $61 million on deceitful efforts, Big Oil has conceded defeat and withdrawn their Referendum on Senate Bill 1137. Senate Bill 1137 will take effect immediately, protecting California frontline communities by prohibiting oil companies from drilling new or reworked oil wells within 3,200 ft of places where people work, learn, live, and play, and increasing regulations on existing wells within this zone.

Nearly 3 million people currently live within this 3,200 ft setback, a majority being Black, Indigenous, and people of color who contribute the least to pollution and climate change, yet suffer the worst impacts. With this win, California has taken a big step towards fighting environmental injustice.

youth for climate members march with sign "youth demand climate action"

How did we make an impact?

Youth v. Oil, SanDiego350’s youth-led campaign dedicated to ending fossil fuel extraction in California, has worked tirelessly to pass resolutions at city councils in San Diego County and to educate voters about the referendum, doing its part in the bigger movement throughout California.

Five cities passed the Resolution to Support SB 1137:

  • San Diego
  • Encinitas
  • La Mesa
  • Del Mar
  • Vista
Youth v Oil members stand with San Diego City Councilmembers Joe LaCava and Jennifer Campbell
Youth V Oil members pass resolution in support of SB 1137 at City of San Diego Environmental Committee

Get Involved

This campaign isn’t over- stay tuned for the next ways to Support Youth v. Oil in fighting Big Oil!

And, support our other ballot campaign for this November: Let’s Go! San Diego!

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