Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California

Youth v Oil members stand with San Diego City Councilmembers Joe LaCava and Jennifer Campbell
Youth V Oil members pass resolution in support of SB 1137 at City of San Diego Environmental Committee

SanDiego350’s Youth V. Oil is a youth-led campaign leading the effort to urge San Diegans to vote YES to KEEP SB 1137


California Senate Bill 1137, passed in 2022, would prohibit new oil and gas wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, and hospitals. But Big Oil spent $20 million to collect enough signatures to turn SB 1137 into a referendum, putting it on the 2024 ballot for voters to decide on – and delaying implementation. Let’s protect our future and the primarily BIPOC and low-income communities who live, work and play near oil wells.

Vote YES to KEEP SB 1137. 
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Did you know?

  • Approximately 2.1 million Californians live within one mile of at least one oil and gas well 
  • BIPOC communities make up 92% of the communities closest to oil extraction
  • Big Oil spent $20 Million to collect petition signatures to force a referendum on SB 1137
  • Drilling sites release air, water, and soil pollution that causes increased rates of severe headaches, childhood leukemia, asthma, birth defects, and cardiac diseases. 

Why now?

Oil drilling, especially its most dangerous forms such as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, threatens our communities. Not only is the oil extraction process dangerous, but the pollution from extracting, refining and burning fossil fuels can be fatal. Even worse, fossil fuels are the main contributor to our current climate crisis and severely endangers current and future generations. BIPOC and low-income communities bear the brunt of these impacts. Read our fracking fact sheet

This issue of environmental injustice is at the forefront of Youth v. Oil’s work. It began with our advocacy in 2020 for local resolutions calling on Governor Newsom to create health and safety setbacks between oil wells and homes, schools and hospitals, to end permitting of new oil wells, and to begin phasing out oil drilling. 

The Youth v. Oil resolutions we passed, at San Diego City Council and San Diego Unified and other school districts, contributed to statewide pressure on Gov. Newsom, and in September, 2022 he signed Senate Bill 1137 into law. SB 1137 would have implemented the first part of our Youth v. Oil resolutions – 3,200 feet setbacks zones between drilling sites and homes, schools, hospitals, prisons, and other places where people are at risk. 

Unfortunately, right after it passed, Big Oil spent $20 Million to collect petition signatures to force a referendum on SB 1137 – so voters in the November 2024 election will decide whether to keep the law or not.

Better Future

San Diego350 and Youth v. Oil is dedicated to upholding SB 1137 and making sure Big Oil’s greed does not continue to harm Californians. 

We are working to educate San Diegans about the referendum and urge them to vote YES to keep the law in place. And we are lobbying local elected bodies to pass resolutions in support of keeping SB 1137.

Everyone deserves clean air and healthy neighborhoods. Help us fight Big Oil and ensure SB 1137 is kept in place. 

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Get Involved

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Our current projects include:

  • Advocating for local elected bodies to pass resolutions in support of keeping SB 1137 for the referendum
  • Seeking endorsements from non profits, elected officials, etc. 
  • Educating the public about the benefits of SB 1137


In addition, there are 3 working groups you can join

  • City Resolutions
  • Research
  • Outreach and Education


Safe & Healthy CA Resolution Vote at SD City Council April 9

Attend the meeting or submit a public comment to show your support. 

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