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Rally Rhyme

Rally Rhyme

March for Real Climate Leadership, Oakland




A quiet sleep did fly us there,

Us travelers with tangled hair

But not so tangled up in knots

As governors in chess board spots.


The push and pull of tug-of-war

2for sons and daughters, what’s in store?

We’ve come from miles, miles away

Please hear our woes, as woes they stay:



3Please let our land be free from waste

From toxic streams and rumbling earthquakes

For thirstier we grow each year

Without your help, we’ll drink our tears.

The wells are running dry, they say

And yet we wait another day.


Lawless acts and bleeding noses

Residents of Dish have told us4

Scrolls unroll the chemicals

This practice is now medical.


Airborne benzene, CO2,

The price of power is up to you.5


 Dear Governor, please hear our voice

 With energy we have a choice.

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