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Rob Greenfield Donates to SD350’s Planet-Based Diet Team

Local powerhouse environmental activist and SanDiego350 member Rob Greenfield has kindly donated a $3,000 advance he received to a cause he passionately believes in: using our forks to change the world.

He has designated $1,500 to SanDiego350’s Planet-Based Diet team (which he is also now a member of), which advocates the environmental benefits of shifting to plant-based diets and reducing food waste, and the other $1,500 to FoodShift, a group that works to reduce food waste. Rumor has it that the advance is for a Discovery TV show Rob will be featured in!

Rob in a green field. (Photo:

This self-described “adventurer, activist, and dude making a difference” employs attention-getting tactics such as cycling across the US and living in a 50-square-foot San Diego home to promote living simply for the environment’s sake. Greenfield has been featured on BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, the Discovery Channel, USA Today, the LA Times, and more. He has vowed to live without bills or debt and to donate all of the money he makes to non-profits.

Although Rob chooses to live by example in every area of his activism, in his viral blog post “Lessons Learned From a Year Without Showering,” Rob writes, “If I could do only one thing to live in a manner that is good for the earth, my community, and myself it would be eating a plant-based diet.”

Much of Rob’s donation will be used for the Planet-Based Diet team’s “Garden of Eating” (click for Facebook event) area at EarthFair 2015 on April 19 in Balboa Park, which will take up a substantial area adjacent to the Timken Museum. The area will feature several of San Diego’s own 100% vegan food vendors, information exhibits, and a raised stage for speakers, performers, and cooking demos. Rob’s popular “Food Waste Fiasco,” in which he displays perfectly edible nonperishable food he rescues from dumpsters to spread awareness that up to 40% of food is thrown away, will also be part of the area and sure to draw a crowd.

Rob at a previous Food Waste Fiasco, surrounded by food he rescued from dumpsters to show how much perfectly good food is wasted. (Photo:

SanDiego350 gives a heartfelt thank you to Rob for his generous donation! We are very proud to call him a SanDiego350 and Planet-Based Diet team member.

To learn more about how animal agriculture and food waste contribute to climate change and global resource depletion, visit our Planet-Based Diet team webpage.

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