Vigil and Protest Against Keystone XL Pipeline

Join Thousands across Country in Calling on President Obama to Deny Permit to Canadian Pipeline

San Diegans will gather Monday for a candlelight vigil to send President Obama a message that he must not allow Canadian oil interests to build the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL) across America. Reacting to the final environmental impact statement (EIS) released today by the State Department that gives Obama political cover to approve the pipeline permit, organizers are appealing to the public to join the growing movement to convince the President that the KXL is not in our national interest.  Hundreds of other vigils will also occur Monday across the country.

WHEN:      Monday, February 3, 2014 at 6 PM

WHERE:     In front of the Federal Building, 880 Front Street, San Diego

WHAT:      Candlelight vigil with songs, chanting, and speakers to call on President Obama to reject the Keystone Pipeline proposal

VISUALS:   Signs, candles, and many local opponents of the keystone pipeline

Organizers say the public is the last line of defense in confronting the Keystone XL Pipeline project.  The EIS triggers a 90-day “national interest determination” by the State Department, with input from relevant federal agencies, before it provides a recommendation to President Obama for final approval. In recent months the Keystone Pipeline has become a battleground between the fossil fuel industry and environmentalists, ranchers, faith communities and neighborhood groups concerned about the loss of life and economic and environmental devastation created by climate change.

While Obama has admitted that he has doubts about the KXL (he called the oil industry’s job-creating claims an exaggeration and said he would not let the project proceed if there was a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions), organizers of the vigil fear the new State Department report reflects the influence of the wealthy oil industry on the review process.  Climate scientists have stated that two thirds of all known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if we wish to avert the worst impacts of climate change, especially carbon-dense fossil fuels like the Canadian tar sands. NASA scientist James Hansen famously called the KXL “Game over for the climate”. Along with other environmental groups across the nation, San Diego activists have decided to draw a line with Keystone, making a stand to stop the endless mining of fossil fuels and expedite the transition to clean energy sources.

The vigil is organized by with support from Citizens Climate LobbySierra Club San DiegoWomen Occupy San Diego and other local organizations. Local Keystone opponents held a rally opposing the pipeline at MissionBay in February 2013 with over 500 participants, and another in September 2013 at the Federal Building with over 200 participants.

To participate in #NoKXL action against the Keystone Pipeline, join us on Monday:

The event is organized by with support from Citizens Climate LobbySierra Club San DiegoWomen Occupy San Diego and other local organizations.

The above was written by Jeffrey Meyer and Masada Disenhouse, volunteers for San Diego


  1. Invigorating rally last night, but we” hid our candle under a bushel”,
    There was minimal visibility because of the BAD TIME. It was dark, rush hour was long past, and little of the public was aware of our message. Better at 4:00PM with rush hour traffic and daylight.
    The Light Brigade was outstanding, of course, as was the networking opportunity to link up and meet new activists.

  2. I just posted the following on the Facebook Climate Reality Presenters Working Group:
    I have just read Secretary Kerry’s introduction to the 2014 Biennial Climate Action Report (CAR) as submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    1) THE GOOD: “… we have doubled wind and solar electricity generation and adopted the toughest fuel economy standards fro passenger vehicles in US history . . .”
    2) THE BAD: “…Since 2005, our emissions have fallen 6.5 percent …” (is 6.5% in 9 years something to brag about?
    3) THE UGLY: Our national goal is to “… keep the United States on track to reach our goal of reducing the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in the range of 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. …” This makes it sound like 17% reduction over 15 years is something to brag about.

    Now on to the meat of the report. I hope it gets better.

    This is the stuff that hatches aggressive activism. Watch this space for news about how responds with protests and civil disobedience.

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