Why I Am An Activist, #3

Activist_Header_ARTBy Eve Simmons, SanDiego350

I think it started with my love for animals, and the sea, and trees, and my connection to the endless wonders of Nature, of which we humans are a part. There’s a compelling desire in me to protect, to comfort, to celebrate, savor, and honor the magnificence of living things. And I work with others who feel the same way. What better company could I possibly keep?

Eve Simmons

Eve Simmons

This appreciation of our environment is like an open portal to an immense heart space that’s always there whenever we choose to tap into it. That’s when I’m most aware that we are ALL a part of Nature and not separate from it. And it’s this space I go to whenever I feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem. I may briefly wallow in sorrow, marinate in frustration and fury, but not for long. I remember a friend’s good counsel, “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I don’t want to build a house there.” So, I banish cynicism, because that will not lead to progress. The truth is that we are awash in solutions, so shouldn’t we try to bring them about?

I’m an activist because I choose hope. I’m thirsty for it. I choose awareness too. Because facing these issues, as scary as they are, is less scary than choosing not to look. Because proactive action is the antidote to fear and depression and grief. Because for me, working on climate is an undeniable moral imperative. Because doing this work is noble, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

We humans are an integral part of Nature. I’m happiest when I remember that. Earth is our home. Being an activist is my love song to our planet.


Eve Simmons is an environmental speaker, activist, congressional liaison, and blogger. Visit her website, TheGreenFlash.org and on Twitter, @Eve_Simmons

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