Transportation Team

Transportation Team Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a fully connected, fully electrified transportation system in the San Diego area. Our vision is a transportation system that is affordable, safe, convenient, flexible, and community-enhancing across all social sectors. Also, we want pedestrians, bicyclists and scooter riders to have safe routes to take them where they need to go. We believe that currently planned transit improvements should be expedited and future transit plans should, at a minimum, support state and local government GHG emission reduction goals.


1. Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector through maximizing public transit, electrification of vehicles, and active transportation.

2. Ensure transportation policies prioritize equity.

3. Prioritize high-density infill development and preserve San Diego County’s backcountry and biodiversity.

The Transportation Committee meets every month by video conferencing and sometimes an additional in-person meeting. We’re excited about our upcoming “Climate Chat” series.

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