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SanDiego350 is working to qualify an initiative for the November 2024 ballot to REPLACE San Diego Gas & Electric with a non-profit utility in the City of San Diego

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About the Initiative

Power San Diego” is a campaign to put an initiative in front of voters on the November 2024 ballot that will end the City of San Diego’s franchise agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) and create a not-for-profit municipal electric distribution utility.

The Status Quo

  • 1 in 4 San Diego families cannot pay their electricity bills (and rates are set to rise further by 10%/year for the foreseeable future)
  • Rooftop Solar owners will soon need to pay $350 to $1400 more to SDG&E per year
  • 40 million Americans get cheaper, more reliable electricity service from public, municipal utilities

The just, equitable Renewable Transition is only possible with Public Power

The Power San Diego initiative will end the City of San Diego’s franchise agreement with SDG&E and replace it with a not-for-profit, public electricity distribution utility. The initiative mandates the city take out a 30-year municipal bond to buy the poles and wires and begin service. 

Almost immediately, city residents will see rates decline by up to 20%, because not-for-profits make no profit! 

Plus, public utilities are not subject to CPUC regulations, so solar owners will be able to rest easy, knowing they won’t be penalized for helping the environment.

There are 40 million Americans who get power from public utilities. They see lower rates, report better service, and more reliable service with fewer blackouts overall and in emergencies. 

The Power San Diego initiative will give us those benefits by requiring that the new utility will refocus on lower rates, reliable service, rooftop solar, and local generation and storage.

Why Now?

Power San Diego is doing something revolutionary. Not only are we going against an oil and gas powered monopoly- we’re doing it with people power. SanDiego350 has joined a coalition of volunteers working to collect at least 80,000 signatures from Registered City of San Diego Voters by late April. 

The only way for this movement to succeed in protecting the future of energy in San Diego- a future with cheap, safe, clean energy – is if EVERYONE reading this pitches in. 

Lucky for you! We have some great ways to get involved in this campaign!

Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved! 

Step 1: Find and Sign!

To sign the Power San Diego petition, you must be a registered voter in the City of San Diego. You also must sign the petition in-person. If you want to sign, but none of these times/location work, please email Emma, and a petitioner may be able to meet you to get your signature at your convenience. 

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